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Jacob’s First Deer!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

We made a trip to Alabama at the beginning of the month.  Deer season is in there until the end of January, so I was able to get a bit of hunting in around visiting with friends and family.  I didn’t have much luck, but my son, Jacob, connected on his first deer!  We had the opportunity to hunt in a couple of great places!

First, I got to hunt with my good friend, Adam.  He has a great lease in south east Alabama, that has a ton of deer on it.  The sign was plentiful, but unfortunately the deer didn’t want to cooperate with us.  It was bitter cold, and the wind was blowing briskly.  I thought that going south to do some hunting would provide some opportunity for warmer weather.  We thought the rut would also be raging, but the cold weather probably kept it from kicking in until after we were done hunting (probably the next week).  Unfortunately, I didn’t see a single deer, but we sure had a blast hunting for them!  Adam has also had a problem with feral hogs and goats (that’s right…goats).  He was able to take out a few of the goats, but we didn’t see any of the hogs.

On Saturday evening, we moved to a piece of property owned by another friend.  He is managing the property with the idea of reselling it as recreational property.  He has a great lodge, and the property itself is beautiful!  He told us that the doe population was out of control, and invited us to do some hunting for does to help thin them out.  I figured it would be a good opportunity to put a bit of venison in my in-laws’ freezer, so we were looking forward to it.  Adam also suggested that we take Jacob, to see if he could bag one.  Adam has a TC Pro-Hunter in a .25-06, which he thought Jacob could handle.  We were walking in to the two-man shooting house, which was sitting on the edge of the green field, when we saw a deer standing in the middle of the field.  We quickly tried to get a shot set up for Jacob.  We got him to sit down, and tried to get him to prop the gun up on his knee.  He couldn’t hold the gun up, so Adam put a stool, which was going to be his seat in the shooting house, out in front of him for a rest.  Jacob took his time, taking about a minute to line up the shot.  When he pulled the trigger, the deer crumpled in its tracks!  I was very proud of him for not rushing, or getting so excited that he made a poor shot.  We were both very excited about his success.  We decided to get the deer out of the field (how could we make a 6 year old wait till dark to lay his hands on his first deer?) and then head for the shooting house.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see another deer for the rest of the afternoon. After the hunt, we went back to the Lodge, where Greg got some pictures of Jacob with his deer.  Be sure to click on the picture to see the larger image.

Jacob is now truly hooked!  We thought he was hooked after being with his Papaw when he killed a deer, but after shooting his own, he is ready to go.  I won’t be able to keep him out of the woods from now on, which will be ok with me!  We can hardly wait for next year, just to see what it holds for us.  Jacob is already talking about wanting to shoot his first buck!

Thanks to Adam and Greg for giving us the opportunity to have such a good time.  I hope we will have the opportunity to hunt together again in the near future.

Starting Them Young…

Monday, September 7th, 2009

I have tried to introduce my kids to the outdoors at a very early age.  Some people have asked me what I would do if my kids grew up and didn’t like hunting.  That may happen.  I certainly don’t plan on forcing them to like it.  I try to be very patient with them, as they learn about hunting and fishing.  But, if my kids’ attitude right now is any indication, I think they are going to love the outdoor sports.  You’ve read some about my older kids, and how much they have taken to going to deer camp, shooting guns and bows, and fishing.  Now it is time for the youngest, JonDavid to join the exploits of his older siblings.

Recently, JonDavid has taken to watching hunting shows on TV.  For the record, JonDavid will be two in November (he’s our hunting season baby, and got the middle name “Hunter” without much complaint from my wife).  He enjoys watching the animals, and hunts so much that he asks for the Outdoor Channel to be put on when he comes in the living room.  When he gets TV time while my wife is teaching school to the two older children, he asks for hunting shows.  This morning, a friend came over, and I was showing him the new scope I installed on my muzzle loader.  When JonDavid saw it, he shouted out, “hunt deer, hunt deer.”  I think he is getting ready for deer season too!

A few days ago, I got out the camera and videoed JonDavid as he was playing in the living room, and watching hunting shows.  If anti-hunters stumble on this they will say he is being “brainwashed”, but in reality, he has developed this love of all things hunting on his own, as he watches the hunting shows.  He doesn’t even remember hunting camp from last year!  Here is the video of JonDavid:

I think I definitely have another little hunting buddy! It won’t be long till Jacob will be shooting, and from the looks of it, JonDavid won’t be too far behind him. It is great to share the love of the outdoors through 3 generations. I know my dad loves sharing time with the grandkids in the woods as well. This is the type of activity that I hope we can continue to share through 3 more generations!