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Tuesday’s…err…Wednesday’s Tracking: Base Camp Legends

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingI know that it isn’t Tuesday, but I hated to let another week go by without posting a Tuesday’s Tracking, so it is coming on Wednesday this week.  Sorry for any confusion that may cause…I don’t want anyone missing out on a day this week!

I’m sure many of you have noticed a relative new comer to our community, Tom Sorenson.  He has been joining in on several of the conversations around our little circle of bloggers, and I thought I’d point my tracker in his direction today.

Tom has started Base Camp Legends with his Father, Gary.  The stated goal of the project is to provide a way for hunters to have a place to tell their hunting stories, and share their memories.  They are set up so that you can sign up for your own blogging account, and write about your hunting exploits.  They are already getting a few bloggers signed up, and have some very good stories posted.  Make sure you get over there and read some of those stories.

This was a great idea!  It gives people the opportunity to hook up in a community that is focused specifically on their interests, hunting.  It provides a place that we can go and read stories from all over the country about hunting different game species.  I suspect that many who sign up over there will start branching out from just hunting stories, and start blogging about their lives, much like we do in our more unorganized community.  This will also provide a great opportunity for us to meet up with new bloggers who are just getting started, and bring them into our current community.  I know that another platform, Skinny Moose Media, has been very successful in connecting hunters, and it has been through them that I have made a lot of contact with other bloggers.  If you know someone who would like to get started in blogging, but they don’t know where to go, point them over to Tom’s website.  It would be a great place to start, especially if you don’t want to set up your own hosting account, and don’t have the technical know how to set up your own blog.  Its free to use, so why not give it a try?

Welcome to our community, Tom.  We look forward to reading your blog, and those that hook up with you on your platform!

Tuesday’s Tracking: The Hog Blog

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingToday’s Tuesday’s Tracking focuses on the Hog Blog. I have a blast reading the Hog Blog, because it is not like anything else out there. Phillip reveals his obvious passion in hunting, and especially in Hog Hunting. He shares different accounts of the hunt, of hunts he guides, and even expands out into other hunting endeavors, like turkey hunting.

Phillip has also taken up the challenge of fighting against the lead bans that are being pushed for in the state of California. I hope that he, and those who fight with him out there, are successful in their fight, because if such measures are passed in the state of California, it won’t be long until it finds its way to the rest of our states!

I really enjoy reading about different hunting experiences from all over the country (and the world). Most of us only get to hunt in our own little corner of the country. I have been privileged to hunt in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Vermont and Alabama. I’ve killed deer in all those states but Vermont. Every one of those states has a very different manner of hunting, except perhaps Pennsylvania and West Virginia, which are very similar. I hope to expand those hunting experiences sometime in the future. But, until that time, I enjoy learning from the experiences of others. I like reading the Hog Blog because it shows an experience that I may never get a chance to enjoy. If I ever end up moving out to the left coast, I might just have to visit California and hunt for some of those wild hogs. It sounds like a lot of fun!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Phillip’s blog, make sure to jump over there and check it out.  He has been writing for a long time, and has a lot of good information on his blog.  I know I could spend a lot of time reading a lot of his material from the past.

Tuesday’s Tracking: Idaho Trout Hunter

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingI’m checking in a little late today, but I didn’t want to miss the Tuesday’s Tracking this week. Thought I’d cast a line in the direction of Ol’ Eagle Eyes over at the Idaho TroutHunter! Eagle Eyes’ site is on my daily read least, and I try to get over there and check it out every day…its been harder and harder to read my daily read list lately!

I enjoy the Idaho TroutHunter blog because I enjoy reading about fishing from all over the country. It is fun to be able to read about different styles of trout fishing, and see fish from different places. If you look at the TroutHunter blog, you will see some nice pics of big fish on the front page.

I think another reason that I like The Idaho TroutHunter is because he writes of places that I have never been, and may never get to go. I would, however, like to get out there and wet a line one of these days. I enjoy my WV mountains and the beautiful little brookies that we have, but One day I’d really like to tie into one of those big western trout. Who knows, fate may carry me to big trout country one of these days!

Eagle Eyes has made some changes on his blog over the last few weeks, and it is looking great. He has some cool widgets around his blog, including some video clips. I may have to get that widget and add it to some of my blogs as well!

Eagle Eyes has also opened up a forum to discuss various fishing topics. I don’t get in there as often as I would like, but I do enjoy jumping in there and looking around. I’m going to try and jump in there and read a bit more, and maybe even try to participate more. I really enjoy reading what others have to say in a lot of the outdoor, hunting and fishing forums. I guess I should be a bit more active in there too!

So, thanks Eagle Eyes for the enjoyable read. I look forward to future posts!

Tuesday’s Tracking: A Little Self Promotion…

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingI hope you all will indulge me a bit today with the Tuesday’s Tracking. I wanted to let you all know about a couple of new(er) blogs that I have been writing, because I thought you all might enjoy them. Before long, I may have more than I can reasonably keep up with!

Some of you have probably seen the first one that I want to mention. It is called The Next Best Thing, and focuses on different topics related to the internet and to blogging. Though I certainly am no expert blogger, I try to share some of the things that I have come across in making blogs, and trying to improve them. I also write about various methods of making a few bucks here and there off of the internet. Again, I am no expert in these areas, but I am trying to share what has worked for me, and what has not (so that maybe you won’t waste the money that I have!) You might be particularly interested in the sections about blogging, and the sections about design stuff. Let me know if you find anything useful!

The second blog that I just started is called Shooting from the Right, and I am planning to use it more for political and current events centered discussions. You all have probably figured out from some of the stuff that I have written here that I am pretty conservative when it comes to my politics, so you will certainly find more of that over at the new blog. That may suit some of your fancies, and others may not like it…drop in and check it out! I am hoping to share the writing on that blog with one of my brothers (Aaron), so that I won’t have to keep it updated all the time by myself. He is a good writer, and a good thinker, so I am really looking forward to sharing this project with him. If he ever gets a post up, make sure and leave him a comment so he doesn’t get discouraged. He has tried this blogging thing before, rather unsuccessfully, so I am hoping to prod him into sticking with it this time! By the way, Aaron is Cheyenne’s Daddy…just so you can connect all the dots in this blogging family!

Thanks for letting me share some of these new blogs with you. I hope you enjoy them, and that they might be helpful to you. Stop into the Next Best Thing for some good tips, and stop into Shooting from the Right for some good discussions. Jump in on both!

I also thought that I would mention that I have 5 advertising slots open on Shooting from the Right. Because it is a brand new blog, I am not trying to sell these slots. I am offering them for the price of a blog post. If you would like to put a 125 X 125 ad on that blog, simply send me the graphic for the ad, and then write a blog post linking the two blogs highlighted in this post. Ads “purchased” in this way will be good for AT LEAST one month (probably longer). If you are interested, drop me a line in the comments!

Tuesday’s Tracking: A New Look Here!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingThis Tuesday’s Tracking is a bit different today from what I have done in the past. I have reworked the theme here again, and think it is working better now. It still doesn’t look quite as good in Internet Explorer as it does in Firefox. I have a good solution: Download Firefox! I do think it is better, but at least now you can actually read this blog in IE!

I am still working on my blog roll some, but I have made some changes. I have followed Blessed lead, from over at A Blessed Crazy Life, and have instituted a “Daily Read” list. I will try to keep that updated with the 10 blogs that I read most often. I try to get to all of them daily, but you know how things go. We all get busy, and it makes it hard to get everything done that we need to (or want to).

So, to kick off the new blog look, and to show some appreciation for the great blogs that I read regularly, here is my First Daily Read List (in alphabetical order):

So, that is the list as it stands today. There are many other blogs that I read when I get the opportunity. I try to read these most days. A lot of times I try to comment, but that has been few and far between as of late. I’m going to try and be a bit more diligent about it.

For those on the list, if I haven’t covered your blog in my “Tuesday’s Tracking” feature, I probably will be before too much longer! To those who haven’t made this list, perhaps you will move up there before long. It will be difficult to figure out how to shuffle these great blogs around. I may have to expand my “Daily Reads” to more than 10!

As for the new design, be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  I think this is a bit more functional than my last design, and I really like the the 3 Column look.  I think I have made some changes that will speed up the loading of the page as well.  My biggest problem now is too many pictures!  But, I hate to leave those off, especially if they are of my kids enjoying the outdoors!

Tuesday’s Tracking: DeerPhD

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingI almost didn’t get the Tuesday Tracking in today! I’ve been having some trouble with my hosting service. They are experiencing some “growing pains”, and are having to move some sites around to different servers. Today, it seems, they ended up having to move all my databases, which is of course, what WordPress blogs use to run. But, I am finally able to sit down and write a bit…

One blog have started reading quite a bit is the DeerPhD. Bryan has a great site going, and writes some good thought provoking pieces. One feature that Bryan has had going for a while has been his “What Would You Do” series. Each post presents some dilemma that has confronted, or could confront a hunter. He then suggests several options for a resolution. These posts seem to generate quite a bit of discussion, and some show how there can be multiple solutions that could be considered ethical.

Bryan is working on his Doctorate (thus the Phd part of his blog’s name) in Psychology. He recently announced that he will be serving his internship in Kansas City, Missouri, at Children’s Mercy Hospital. Congrats on that big step. Maybe having a deer hunter in psychology field will help more people realize that the hunting mindset really is normal!

Bryan also has a good article about having the right kind of Mental Edge, and applying that to practicing with a bow. I know I need to get out more often, and practice before season comes in. My hope is to be able to join a club this summer and spend some time practicing with my son. I know we have a pretty good club close by, so we should be able to get out at least a few times per month.

Well, I hope you all enjoy the DeerPhD. It is well worth your time to head over there and read Bryan’s writings.

Tuesday’s Tracking: Lowcountry Hunting

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingsI must admit, writing these posts seems to get harder and harder.  Not because of a dearth of good blogs, but rather because of the great number of worthy blogs to write about.  I think I have my Tuesday blog set for some time!

Today, I want to throw my spotlight on Jeff over at Lowcountry Hunting.   Jeff lives, works and hunts in South Carolina, which is a world apart from what we have here in West Virginia.  One of the reasons I enjoy reading Jeff’s blog is because the hunting is so much different than what I get to experience up here.  I know, from living in Alabama for five years that they just do things differently in the south, and I grew to appreciate and enjoy the differences.  I still try to get at least a couple hunts per year in down in ‘bama.

Jeff also has one the opportunity to manage a couple of hunting properties.  Based on some of the pictures he puts up on his blog, it looks like he is doing a good job.  Jeff also posts about many of the issues that affect hunting, especially in South Carolina.  Today, he has a blog posted about legislation that would remove  the DNR Board, instead replacing it with a secretary appointed by the governor.  You can go over to his page and read about the repercussions of such a move.  Needless to say, it wouldn’t be in the best interest of the sportsmen!

I have to admit, however, that Jeff’s four post series on hog trapping has been my favorite.  He has been trying to get rid of some of the hogs on his hunting properties by trapping out some of the sows.  He has gotten a few, but had to pull his traps because of the upcoming turkey season.  What I have enjoyed the most about these posts is how he has included his son in the endeavor.  Reading about his son, and how much he likes going out with his dad, reminds me so much of my own son.  If you haven’t read it yet, make sure to go over and read about Bo skinning his first hog.   That boy is off to a great start!

Thanks, Jeff, for the great posts.  Keep that boy pointed in the right direction!

Tuesday’s Tracking: Simply Outdoors

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingToday, I’m tracking Arthur over at Simply Outdoors. Arthur’s blog is one of my favorites, as I think I can relate to most of what he writes. Simply Outdoors is about local hunting, and the outdoors. Arthur writes thought provoking pieces that really get to the heart of our way of life as outdoorsmen (and women). Every day I check Arthur’s feed to see what is new.

Recently, Arthur has written some posts that have really hit home with me. In one recent post, he challenged us all to think about who we believe has had an impact on our lifestyle as hunters and outdoorsmen. He followed that up with a post asking who our mentors were (as outdoorsmen). That made me think of how thankful I am to my dad for taking the time to include me and my brothers in his hunting time. I know that he made a lot of sacrifices early on to take us out hunting. He gave up some prime locations, and prime hunting time to allow a couple of young hunters to get some experience. He has always been thrilled with our success, and has worked hard to make sure that we get deer, even when the deer weren’t always plentiful. Now, he is there for my kids as well, willing to take them out hunting, even though he knows it means he probably isn’t going to see any deer. That doesn’t really matter at this point–they are having a blast just by going “hunting”. He can’t have all the fun though, because I too like taking the kids out hunting. Of course, starting next year we will have 2 kids to take, so I am sure we will probably have our hands full. So, thanks dad for getting me started, and thanks for being my hunting partner down through the years. Here’s to many more years!

Arthur also has a great post today about the importance of “social hunting”, and how that style of hunting will probably not lead to killing the biggest of the bucks. He talks about how he is willing to sacrifice the big bucks for the comaraderie of hunting with friends and family. I can’t agree with him more. Big bucks are certainly nice, but at the same time I am not willing to sacrifice the limited time I have to hunt with my family and friends for them. If they come by, I certainly won’t hesitate to pull the trigger, but I’m going to spend my week of hunting with my dad, brothers, and friends. If that costs me the “big one”, then so be it.

So, as you can see, I think Arthur and I have a lot in common. Keep up the good work Arthur, and I’ll be one who keeps on readin’!

EDIT: I meant to mention Arthur’s jump into publishing articles on Associated Content, but forgot. But, since he posted about his newest article, I though I would add a little edit, and tell you all (if you haven’t done it yet) that you need to go take a look at his article on Bringing Back the Positive Image of Hunting. Make sure and rate the article when you read it!

Tuesday’s Tracking: Outdoors With Othmar Vohringer

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingTuesday’s Tracking today goes out to Othmar Vohringer and his great blogs. As with last week, I have to point out that Othmar has several blogs that he writes, or writes for. Looking at his Blogger Account, he has six blogs identified:

  • The Outdoor Bloggers Summit
  • Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer
  • My Stand
  • My Wild Outdoor Kitchen
  • Wild Turkey Fever
  • Whitetail Deer Passion
  • I have to admit, I have not read all of those blogs. In fact, I did not even know that the last 3 existed until I started writing about Othmar! I am sure, however, that I will be subscribing to all of these blogs, as I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Othmar’s work. The subject matter certainly encourages me to take a look. So, don’t be surprised to see the rest of those sites show up on my blogroll in the next few days.

    Othmar’s blog, Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer is a must read blog for outdoorsmen. This blog is full of valuable information, and it also keeps us posted on a lot of legislation that will be either helpful or detrimental to our outdoors heritage. Othmar seems to be well informed about the stories he writes about, and writes in such a great manner that it certainly helps the rest of us be more prepared for the challenges we may face.

    I also have to mention how much Othmar comments on blogs. As I began the process of publicizing my little corner of the net, I couldn’t help but see the many helpful, and insightful comments made by Othmar on various blogs. It also didn’t take him long to poke his head in here, and start contributing to the posts that I have made, and some of the discussions that followed. It’s always great to know when folks are reading what you write, and are willing to comment (whether they agree or disagree).

    So, if you all have yet to read Othmar’s good work, make sure and click on the links and visit his sites. It will be well worth your time to poke around, and see what he has to offer. Thanks Othmar for the great blogs, and I look forward to continuing to ready your stuff!

    Tuesday’s Tracking: Hunt Smart, Think Safety

    Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

    Deer TracksToday’s Tracking goes out to Kristine over at the Hunt Smart, Think Safety blog. But, this is a double, as Kristine is also one of the writers over at the Outdoor Bloggers Summit (along with some others that will surely pop up in this feature in the future!)

    Kristine keeps a great blog, although she says she is very busy and unable to post as much as usual. She focuses a lot of time on safety issues that fits well with the product that her blog is associated with, the GunTriever. It appears that the GunTriever is like a safety belt for your gun. It can be used to raise your gun into your tree stand, but also tethers the gun to your stand in case you accidentally drop it from the stand.

    Kristine is also kicking the idea around of selling branded materials to other outdoor enthusiasts. Her parent company has the ability to produce embroidered and screen printed logo wear. I am sure that she will continue to keep us posted on the progression of this idea as it develops.

    The Outdoor Bloggers Summit Blog has been a good resource. Kristine and the other writers over there have been great about publishing information that is very helpful for those of us who are newer bloggers, and don’t really know the ropes. I recently was reading some about linking, which is very important in gaining page rank, as well as building readership. I am just now really getting to the point of “publicizing” my writing, so everything they put up about being successful at blogging is beneficial to me.

    Kristine is also very supportive when it comes to other bloggers.  I know it didn’t take her long to find my blog, and start leaving valuable comments and encouragement.  I enjoy writing, and have been doing it for quite a while, even though I didn’t have much of a readership.  However, when folks start leaving comments about what you are writing, it seems to be that much more relevant.  Kristine jumps in there and shares her ideas quite often.

    Keep up the good work Kristine, at both of your blogs, and keep those valuable comments coming!