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Tuesday’s Tracking: The Hunter’s Wife

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingThis week, I am featuring Jody’s Blog, The Hunter’s Wife. Jody has a great blog. It is well laid out, easy to read, and very enjoyable. She can tell great stories. Jody keeps us informed about her husband’s successes, as well as important outdoor news and events. I really enjoyed reading about the outdoor show that she and her family recently attended (which her husband helps to organize). Jody has also recently started the trend of opening a Cafe Press store to sell branded merchandise. Be sure to check that out as well! I am sure that most of you already read this blog, but it is a great read, and I enjoy visiting it almost every day.

Jody’s writings also remind me of my own wife. When I married my wife, Cynthia, 13 yeas ago, she had no idea about hunting. In fact, I can remember when we were in college, while we were dating, and I spent a Thanksgiving week at her family’s farm, rather than getting to go home for opening week of hunting season. I moped the whole week, and she just couldn’t understand. She thought I didn’t want to be with her, when in fact I just wanted to be home hunting. I had not missed a whole deer season since I had started hunting at the age of 12! But, she stuck with me, and we were married about a year and a half after that. Now, she understands. In fact, she sees that hunting is just a part of our life. Now, she jumps in and helps me to butcher deer. She is waiting there in the camp when I come back, ready to get the kids coats on and bring them out to see another dead deer. Even though she would never have imagined such a life 15 years ago, she has made it a part of her life. Now, if I could only convince her to take up a rifle, and put a couple more deer in the freezer! On a good note, that farm in Alabama that we visited some 15 years ago, now has a pretty good deer population on it. I have a life time hunting license for Alabama, so I get to hunt down there at least a few days per year. I have been able to put some deer in my in-laws’ freezer over the past few years. They too have accepted a son-in-law that is a bit different, but I think they do enjoy the venison!

It is really amazing to see how all of the women who have married into this family have gone through the same kind of transition. I don’t think any of my sisters-in-law had much exposure to hunting, and certainly not to game processing. But, on the Saturday of Thanksgiving week, we usually end up butchering several deer. I think our record so far is 11 on one day. We are a well oiled machine, with very specific jobs assigned. Everyone has to jump in and help. Of course, my mom is the one who has taught all of the women folk the jobs that they need to do, as she is the most experienced. She has been helping my dad butcher deer since before I can remember. I guess I say all of that to say that good women will do some pretty weird things for the men they love!

So, thanks Jody for the great blog, and I will look forward to getting to read it in the future!

Tuesday’s Tracking: Bright Idea Outdoors

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Deer TracksI am introducing a new feature to Jake’s Outdoors today. I have been spending a lot of time reading various outdoor blogs, and have really enjoyed it. So, starting today, I am going to start the “Tuesday’s Tracking”, in which I will feature the blogs of other folks who write about the outdoors. I have enjoyed reading these blogs so much, and I know you all will enjoy them as well.

This week’s blog is Bright Idea Outdoors. Matt has been doing a series of posts on taking kids hunting. It has been a great read, and he offers a lot of good suggestions. I am always looking for suggestions on making the experience more enjoyable for kids. Matt’s latest post also talks about some hunting traditions, that remind me of the traditions that take place in our own deer camp. Every camp, I am sure, has its own traditions, even if they are very similar. We have the tradition of giving the newest member of camp a very hard time–he (or she) bears the brunt of all the jokes and pranks, and get assigned all the tasks that no one else want to do. I also have the tradition of smearing blood from a first deer on the face of a successful hunter, which is a tradition also mentioned by Matt.

Matt also discussed hunting mentors in his recent post. I am so thankful that my dad introduced me to hunting when I was young. He started taking me hunting before I was even old enough to carry a gun. He didn’t even give up on me when my brother and I got lost in the WV mountains (I should write about that some time!). When I turned 12, he started taking me hunting with him, and we have been hunting together ever since (22 years!). He also introduced all of my brothers to hunting, and we spend every Thanksgiving week together at hunting camp. I look forward to this week every year, and I have a great time watching everyone enjoy the week hunting and spending time together. I really appreciate one particular thing my dad taught me, and my brothers. He taught us to celebrate with everyone else in their success. I can enjoy the success of others in camp as much as I enjoy my own success. This year, my little brother, who is not so little anymore, killed 2 bucks in camp. It was great to see him be so successful. He has, in fact, probably developing into the best hunter of us all. I can’t wait to see how he continues to develop his skills!

Thanks Matt for the great blog. Keep up the good work!