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New Shop Opened…

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Hey guys, just a quick post to let you know about a new shop I have loaded up, which sells outdoor stuff.  I found a pretty neat program that will let you pull different items from ebay into your own shop, and display them according to categories that you select.  Since ebay has so many great deals on all kinds of merchandise, including stuff for outdoor enthusiasts, I decided to load it up.

If you would like to set up your own shop, you can get it by clicking here.   The software is not too expensive if you buy it within (I think) 48 hours of first clicking on the link.  The price goes up if you wait longer than that.  I know that is weird, but I guess that is how they get you to buy faster.  The good side is that you can have an unlimited number of stores.  I have 4 currently set up, and hope to increase that to about 20 by the end of the year or so.

So, if you are looking for some kind of outdoor related product, check out the shop at Jake’s Outdoors. Not only will you get a great deal, but you will help a fellow blogger out!