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The Nearly Extinct Polar Bear…

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I am sure that you all heard that it is illegal to bring a polar bear carcass back into the United States because organizations such as the WWF have convinced the government that polar bears are a threatened species.  Today, while having an old episode of Home Improvement playing in the background in my office, I heard Noah Wyle’s voice in a most somber and serious state.  Here is the video:

There it is.  Polar bears are going to be extinct (or nearly so) within the lifetime of our children.  No wonder they have been labeled as threatened.  The problem with this theory is that it ignores the facts.

The fact of the matter is that there are more polar bears in existence now than there have been since monitoring has started.  According to this article on the National Post, polar bears have actually been doing quite well.  Numbers have been increasing at an unprecedented rate.  In fact, the Inuit have tried to tell government agencies that the bears are doing much better than all the government counts have indicated, but of course the government is always right.  They have written the Inuits off as “self interested hunters.”

What is really aggravating about that last statement is that we as hunters are often written off as “self interested hunters.”  Amazingly, when it comes to conservation, we “self interested hunters” are far more active, and effective than the government agencies.  I am tired of the disrespect shown to those of us who really do much on the conservation front.

Folks, we do need to all we can for wildlife, especially those animals that are truly endangered.  But, that is simply not the case for the polar bears.  In this video, there are several myths that are being propagated by those who have money to push an environmental agenda.  For example, the video states that the ice is melting (along with videos that seem to show two polar bears trapped on ice, surrounded by the ocean) at a fast rate, leaving no place for the poor polar bears.  The polar ice cap has actually been expanding over the last few years.  This is to be expected with the normal fluctuations of global temperatures.  Sometimes the ice melts, sometimes it increases.  The video indicates that bear numbers are plummeting.  This is not true, as has already been pointed out.  The number of bears has been on the increase for many years now.  The video indicates that “food is getting harder to find.”   Again, this is not true.  The only areas in which it is true is the areas where bears are overpopulated.  Like any species, when overpopulation occurs, competition for food increases.

By the way, that video includes the same bears that have shown up in every “polar bear ad” for the last several years.  A mother and cub on a piece of ice, seemingly stranded.  What is left out is that polar bears can swim for “many hours” at a time.  The longest swim on record for an individual bear is 100KM (about 62 miles), but most believe that a bear could go much further than that.  I have read (though I can’t find the source right now) that a bear can swim 200 miles.  I don’t think mama and cub are stranded, as those who shot the video want you to believe.

I think you all know I am for conservation.  I am, however, tired of the “wacko” groups driving the conservation movements.  Put it in the hands of those who have the ability to examine the populations, and make rational decisions based on facts, not on agendas!

Where are the Nut Cases?

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post about Al Gore’s comments concerning those who disagree with his alarmist and extremist positions on Global Warming (or Global Climate Change as it is not being called). He basically called anyone who dissented from his position crazy (that is, they are the same people who don’t believe in the moon landing, and still think the earth is flat). Well, it didn’t take long to show that there are plenty of nut cases on the side of Al Gore (and that’s even if we aren’t counting him!)

Here is an audio quote from Ted Turner, who was on the Charlie Rose show:

Ted Turner on Global Warming

So, the earth is going to warm up some 8 degrees in the next 30-40 years, we are all going to be cannibals, and live in a failed state like Somalia. Wow. Can we say “certifiable”? From now on, please don’t act like you have to be stupid, or ignorant to believe that global warming is a hoax. There is plenty of evidence to support that you have to be nuts to believe it is legit too!

I couldn’t believe this when I heard it on the Glenn Beck show this morning. When he played the audio, I was shocked. I try to give most people the benefit of the doubt. I think you could come to a different conclusion than I have come to. I believe you could have studied the evidence, and simply interpreted it differently than I have. However, Ted Turner has made me lose confidence in that idea…

Oh, and just in case you missed it.  He also said that the insurgents who are blowing up American and Iraqi forces are the real patriots.  Not really a surprising statement from Mr. Turner.

Want to read more? Visit the News Buster’s Site. Video is included there.

Al Gore is a Big Fat Idiot…

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Ok, maybe he isn’t quite so fat any more, since he was considering making a run at the presidency. But that isn’t what this is really about. I saw Al Gore on one of the network news shows tonight, and was shocked by what could be the absolute worst journalism I have ever seen. The whole piece was on “global warming” and the great work that Al Gore is doing to stop the dreaded phenomenon. He was not asked one tough question, nor challenged about the legitimacy of the theory that he has spent thousands of dollars, and hours spreading. In fact, at one point, the interviewer asked him about those who disagreed with him, and he said that there are a few out there that still reject the concept of global warming, but that they are the same people who think the moon landing was faked, and still believe that the earth is flat. What an ignorant statement! There are plenty of people who disagree with him, and his theory, and that disagreement is based on rational, and scientific data. To dismiss those who disagree with such a flippant and immature statement lowers his own respectability and credibility. The news station lost their credibility as well by the reporting that they did. They suggested that Al Gore’s movie was proven to be valid because it won an Oscar. What? You have to be kidding me! They further suggested that Al Gore gained credibility because he won the Nobel Peace Prize. How, exactly, does his work on Global Warming (which was proven to have at least 9 major errors in a court in England) even qualify for the Nobel Peace Prize? Gore’s winning of the award, in and of itself, proves the illegitimacy of the award!

Here is the video from the interview:

I have to wonder just how much Al Gore believes in his own theory. After all, he still travels by private airliner all over the world, and he (like counter part John Edwards) bought a house that consumes more energy than some towns. Although, the thorough news cast showed us that he did put a few solar panels on the roof of his 18 room mansion. And, he was going to put up wind turbines on the family farm. He does, after all, have 35 million dollars to play with! This is just another instance of how he is out of touch with reality.Nothing showed just how far out of touch Al Gore is, than the part of the news story that showed him traveling to India. They showed him walking through towns, where people were obviously very poor. I imagine that many of these people were more concerned about what they were going to eat, or where they might get clean water to drink, rather than hearing about how Al Gore was going to tell them that their plants were not “green enough”.

You may disagree with my assessment on the global warming issue. Personally, I tend to believe the science that points to the cyclical weather patterns that have been documented. It is interesting that we are told about the vast climate changes over the last several thousand years, when weather has not been tracked, and recorded for more than a couple of hundred years.

I know this isn’t in the normal vein of my blog, but this interview really ticked me off. Al Gore’s statements were completely prejudicial, and absent of any logical rebuttal to those who would disagree with him. Such a response shows that he does not have a good enough response to give, or else that those who follow him are willing to follow after him without actually being shown evidence.

This issue is much like other environmental issues. Some people jump to the extreme, and try to fight for a cause, even when the evidence does not really support it. Oh, we can find evidence on the internet to support our position, but often, those sites that are quoted are nothing more than propaganda.

I am not against protecting our environment. I am, in fact, for it. However, it is important to remember that we must get all the facts accurately before choosing a side. I am all for improving the way factories and plants run so that the environment can be taken care of. But, we cannot call for the shutting down of all factories and plants. It is no rational, and causes much more socio-economic problems than it will ever solve environmentally. I am afraid that we sometimes make a judgment based on who shouts the loudest, rather than who presents the best evidence.

Feel free to disagree…just be a bit more respectful about it than Al Gore!