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Share the wealth!

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

A Greenville, SC, man has already killed 3 trophy bucks this year.  According to, the year started off with a beautiful 10 pointer.  The nice thing about his first hunt?  He was hunting with his 8 year old daughter.  I love to read about guys taking their children hunting.  I am sure he would have thought he would have more luck without a young’un tagging along, but he still took her with him.  He was able to harvest a nice trophy buck, which surely would have been tremendously exciting for his daughter. His second buck was an 8 pointer, which may end up in the SC record books.  It had a 22 inch spread, with 5 inch bases.  We are talking serious mass there!  This buck was shot approximately 24 hours after the first. 

The third buck, another 8 pointer, was the smallest of the 3. It “only” had a 17 inch spread, and weighed in at 185 lbs.  the fist buck weighed in at 200 lbs, and the second at 206 lbs. 

That gives a total of 26 points, and 591 lbs of venison on the hoof.  That is a good career for most of us “hobby” hunters.  He accomplished it in just one season.  i didn’t even know they grew deer like that down in South Carolina!  I may hve to get down that way and try to bag one of those monsters one of these days. 

It is interesting to read of the successes of other guys.  I enjoy the hunting season immensely, and I enjoy reading about guys who enjoy it as much as I do.  I guess that is why I currently subscribe to 3 different outdoor magazines.  When we don’t have the property, or the money, or the time to hunt like we would like to, then we can read about others who are able to!