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Thank You Senator Coburn

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Well, no surprise, but Chuck Schumer once again is trying to whittle away our 2nd amendment rights. He has tried to push through a bill that would make it impossible for veterans who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome to ever buy a gun. That’s right…you can have one to kill the enemy, but come on home, and you don’t ever get to buy one. And, there was no provision in Schumer’s bill to allow for such a person to get better, and therefore be allowed to purchase a weapon later. They would be just like a felon…once diagnosed with any questionable mental defect, you would have no opportunity to buy a weapon. I, like any one else, am all for keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally instable, but this bill was about taking away rights from people who did not deserve to have them taken away. Oh, let me fill you in on the rest of the story…Chuck also wanted to take the ability to purchase a gun from anyone who was ever diagnosed with ADHD…how many of you would that take out of the market for a new Glock? And, if grandpa was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, or dementia, the guns could be taken away by the government…that’s right, the government! Not the kids (you know, like in a free society).

This is where Senator Tom Coburn, Republican from Oklahoma, comes into the picture. Schumer was trying to push his legislation to the floor of the senate without amendment, by way of a unanimous consent agreement. That is, if there was no objection, then the bill would move from the judiciary committee straight to the floor, without being altered. Fortunately for those of us who love our guns, Senator Coburn objected, thus killing the unanimous consent agreement. Now, it will be possible to amend the bill, and hopefully some of the senators that have claimed to be for the 2nd amendment will step up to the plate and see to it that it does not make it through in its current form.

I have read much lately about how we need more gun laws…after all, if there were more gun laws, then tragedies like that at Virginia Tech would never happen. Uh….no. Think about it. How many gun laws, on the books, were broken by the VT gunman (and others like him). More gun laws will not stop violence like that. They are criminals, breaking the law…if we make more laws, that just gives them more laws to break. More gun laws do nothing but restrict the rights of us law abiding citizens. Do you know that the rights of people who have a carry permit are stripped away every day in places like Virginia Tech (and most other University campuses). They are not permitted to exercise their right to carry the weapon that they are licensed to carry. If that right had not been taken away, perhaps the violence on the VT campus, and in other places like it, would not have been so severe.

Finally, I will close with an idea that I saw in an article online today. Why is it that so many people will defend the first amendment with everything they can muster, but the second amendment is simply ignored? The most obscene of art, writing, speech, etc. is defended under the blanket of the first amendment. But, the same people will do all they can to get rid of the second amendment, because they don’t think there is any good reason for a firearm. I am all for the first amendment, and I am glad for freedom of speech (even though that produces many things I do not like, or approve of). But I also support the second amendment, even though some may abuse it, and do things that I do not like, or approve of!