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Changing Luck?

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Thanks to all for the words of encouragement on that last post.  Things did improve a bit, as I was able to kill a small deer with the bow.  I am, however, continuing to be very unhappy with the broadheads that I have been using.  I have shot Grim Reapers for about 4 years now, and hit 9 different deer with them.  I have only been happy with the job they did on one of the nine deer.  I know, I should have given them up a long time ago, but when you spend that much on them, they are hard to give up.  I have switched over now to the new Rage two blade broadhead.  I am hoping to get an opportunity to try them out before bow season ends this year.  I think I am going to write a fuller review of the Grim Reapers sometime soon.  If you all have tried them, let me know what you think about them.

I did finally get the article written about crossbows.  Check it out if you get a chance.  I think it reflects a lot of the discussion that took place here on the post where I asked your opinions.  Leave a comment over there, or here, if you read the article.

I am really getting excited for our rifle season that will be coming up here a week from next Monday.  I enjoy bow hunting, but to me, there is nothing like rifle hunting.  The plan is to get up to our hunting property sometime this coming week, and hang a couple of stands.  I am hoping to have access to a double stand, so that Jacob will be able to go sit in the stand with me, or with his Papaw.  He has wanted to hunt from a tree stand for the last couple of years, and I didn’t think he was ready.  Hopefully, he will be able to sit a while this year, and we will get to see some deer.  Right now, he thinks hunting is just about going out in the woods, eating jerky and candy bars, and drinking coffee.  I am sure that he will be hooked once he starts seeing some deer, and if he is with me when I am able to shoot one, he will be really thrilled.  My daughter, Skylar, also thinks she is ready to start going out this year.  I think she will really enjoy hitting the woods some this year.  It should certainly be fun this year!

By catching up with some of the blogs, it appears I am hunting in the wrong areas.  I’ve seen some small bucks this year, but nothing like what I have seen on Jody’s blog, and Adam’s blog.  One of these days, I might have a monster buck like that walk past me, but I’m going to have to start hunting somewhere other than WV!  Congrats to to Mark and Adam on those great bucks!