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Two Great Bucks…

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

I got a couple of pictures from my dad last night, so I thought I’d share them.  First, here is a picture of my uncle Ray, and the big 8 point he killed in Pennsylvania this year:

Rays Buck

Ray's Buck

Here is another picture of my brother and the skull of the deer he killed.  You can see the rack much better in this picture:

Shawns Buck

Shawn's Buck

Ray’s buck is evidence of the success of the new laws (instituted 5 or 6 years ago) in Pennsylvania.  By putting antler restrictions on the deer, the state has steadily grown the average size of the bucks.  This makes me want to go back to Pennsylvania to hunt more!

Shawn’s buck is a really nice buck for the area of WV that we hunt.  I am hoping that we are going to be seeing some more bucks like this around camp.  We have been seeing a lot more bucks, and we are hoping that we will start seeing some of them grow up.  The biggest problem is that the hunting pressure in our neck of the woods is tremendous.  If you pass up a buck, chances are he will go over the hill and get shot by someone else.  It would certainly be nice to have a few hundred acres (or thousand) to manage for larger bucks.  Just seeing the improvement around us makes me believe that management could be very successful given enough land to provide safety to some of the bucks.

The Invincible Deer…

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

I wrote a few posts back about the deer that seemed to have a force field around it.  It was a little 4 point buck, with an interesting configuration to the horns.  Well, “Bucky” as Chad named him, finally fell to Chad’s 30-30 last night.  Unfortunately, Chad wasn’t able to find the little buck until this morning.  It appears that the deer did not spoil, and that Chad will be able to get some good meat from him.

Upon skinning the deer, Chad found both wounds that were inflicted on Bucky from our archery shots.  Chad had hit him squarely in the hind roast.  How he hit that far back is still a mystery.  It appeared that the arrow passed through the rear leg, missed all arteries, and caused practically no damage.  The wound was completely healed, and Bucky was getting by with nary a limp.

My arrow had gone through the back, just below the spine.  It appeared to me that the broad head had not opened up.  If it had, it would have struck the spine, and surely would have killed the deer.  The arrow passed through and came out the rib cage on the off side.  Looking at the wound, I was shocked the arrow did not pass through the lung.  Obviously, this wound did not cause much damage either.  It was amazing to see the way the wound was healing.  In fact, the buck had grown a whole new network of veins to supply the wound with blood.  It is certainly amazing how resiliant these animals can be.

Don’t misunderstand this post.  It is sickening to me to wound an animal and not recover it.  But, it is nice to see that this buck made it through these wounds, and did not die needlessly.  He will now feed Chad’s family through the winter.  But, he still didn’t go down without a fight.  His forcefield kicked in, and nearly deflected the bullet completely away from him.  But, Chad’s bullet struck home, and Bucky met his demise.

This was Chad’s second buck of the year.  He has now killed 3 deer, and I think he is hooked for good.  We are planning to head back to the camp in a couple of weeks for Muzzleloader season.

WV Rifle Season!

Monday, December 1st, 2008

This is the week that I look forward to each and every year.  One year ago this week, my wife gave birth to our 3rd child, JonDavid.  Amazingly, I still found time to get out and do a little rifle hunting, taking both a buck and a doe.  Isn’t my wife a trooper, letting me head out into the woods a mere 2 days before the baby was born?

This year was a bit more relaxed.  I made it to deer camp, and had a wonderful time.  We had much success, and even had a bit of snow fall for a couple of days.  The first day, Monday, came with some terrible weather.  We had a ton of rain before the temperature fell enough to change over to snow.  Fortunately, I was able to bag a buck before the rain set in, so I didn’t have to sit out in the rain and be miserable all day.  Unfortunately, because of the rain, I didn’t get out to get too many pictures.  I got a couple with Jacob standing with the hanging deer, but you can’t see much.

Jacob with Shawns Buck

Jacob with Shawn's Buck

My brother, Shawn, bagged a great WV buck on opening day.  I knew we were setting up a great stand for him, but I never dreamed that a buck like that would walk by him.  I’m thrilled he was able to get a shot at a deer like this, as he doesn’t get out to hunt much.  He made a great shot and dropped him in his tracks.

This buck looks like it must be related to the buck I shot with a bow a few years back.  He had the same long, curved eye tines that my buck had, but this one had a much nicer rack over all than did my bow buck.

I think my brother is going to do a European type mount with this deer, and I hope to get some pics when it is done.

Jacob and Papaws Deer

Jacob and Papaw's Deer

My dad decided to take Jacob hunting with him in the same tree stand as Shawn used to shoot his buck on Tuesday morning.  Dad decided that he would shoot anything that came by, since we haven’t been able to bag anything when Jacob was with us over the last 3 years.  He didn’t have to wait long until a little button buck came by, and Jacob was able to spot it.  Dad shot it with his new 7mm Mag.  I think that Jacob is now officially hooked.  I am hoping that Jacob will be able to shoot a deer either next year or the year after.  We are going to be working on getting a gun that he can handle sometime over the next year, and get him practicing so that he can make a good shot.  He was certainly excited about his Papaw getting a deer, and I think he will be ready to get back out there as soon as he can.  My dad got a video of Jacob telling his hunting story.  I will try to get that posted here in the next couple of days, if he gets it loaded up (hint, hint dad).

Skylar didn’t make it out this year.  She just didn’t really seem that interested this year.  Next year, we will see if she still is interested in going out with us.  It was very cold and wet this year, so I’m not really surprised that she wasn’t gung-ho to get out there.

Over all, we had a great season.  We ended up bagging 3 racked bucks, 1 button buck, and 5 does.  We also saw a lot of great deer.  Hopefully, there will be some more bucks around when we head back to camp for muzzleloader season.  I still have a bow tag left, as well as 2 muzzleloader tags.  We’ll  have to see if I’m able to fill any of them before the year is out.

All of the stands we set earlier in the season turned out to be very productive.  We did miss my little brother, who was the only one who wasn’t able to make it into camp this year. Maybe next year he will have a job that will allow him to have some time off for the important stuff!

Kris Buck

Kris' Buck