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Rabbitry Named!

Friday, June 12th, 2009

OK, I thought we would be able to get this done a couple of weeks ago, but we are just getting around to it.  I wonder, are you all as incredibly busy this summer as we are?  But, after combing through all of the entries, and debating the pros and cons of the ones we liked, we have finally come to an agreement on the name of the rabbitry! We are going to go with a slight variation of one of the entries, and name the rabbitry:

Brewer’s Hare Raising Adventures

Eva submitted the name, and we will be sending her the prize of the knife that I wrote about in the original post about our Naming Contest.  I hope she enjoys it!  Thank you all for the many good entries.  I believe this name will fit our endeavors for the next several years!

I have the website started, and you can take a look by clicking the link above.  I will have to get some more pictures of the shed we are using to house our rabbits, as well as some more pictures of our rabbits.  We have a barn full of little bunnies right now, so it may take a while to get everything updated.

Since we are on the topic of rabbits (again), I thought I would share an interesting occurrence from this week.  We have a new litter of bunnies, less than a week old.  These little guys are quite active, much more so than any other litter we have had so far.  These little guys seem to have an uncanny ability to escape from the nest box, even though they are far too little to be out of it.  My son went out to tend the rabbits, as he does every morning, and found that not one, but two of the little bunnies had gotten out of the next box, and proceeded to get their heads stuck in the cage wire.  I know that they make “baby saver” wire that will make sure that this does not happen, but my cages are not so equipped.  I ended up having to cut the wire to free the babies.  Go figure, the heads will go through one way, but will not come back out!  The next day, there was another little bunny with his head stuck in the wire.  I had to cut the wire again to let him out.  Now, there are 3 holes in the wire that I will have to repair!

On a much sadder note, one of the litte bunnies was small enough that he actually fell completely out of the cage.  He disappeared, and I could not find him.  Later, when the yard flooded from all of the rain, we found him in a puddle.  I guess I am going to have to build me some cages with the baby saver wire so that these type of things don’t keep happening.  This all came as a great surprise to us, since we have not had any problem with this type of thing before.  Maybe these rabbits are just more active than the other litters that we have had.  If that is the case, we will be in trouble when they get bigger and we have to tend to them…we won’t be able to catch them!