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Looks Like the Antis Win Another One…

April 1st, 2008

The Oklahoma Senate has had a proposition before them to allow certain students to carry concealed weapons on the campuses of Oklahoma Universities. Specifically, the proposition called for permitting military veterans, and others with specific gun training, to be allowed to carry weapons on campus. The idea was that these well trained individuals could be of great help if and when a tragedy like that at Virginia Tech should happen.

Unfortunately, the proposition will not even be considered this term because the leading Republican, and Democrat could not agree to hear the bill. Basically, it seems to me, that there was too much controversy surrounding the bill, and so the leadership wimped out of addressing the issue. I’ll give you one guess which side PROBABLY stalled the consideration of the bill!

What is sickening to me is the way that the press taints the issue. My source for this is an AP Article, which quotes people who would make gun-toters look like complete idiots. Consider, for example, what the article records as a quote from the president of the University of Oklahoma:

“University of Oklahoma President David Boren had argued the bill would hurt recruitment of students and faculty. It also would pose a dilemma for police trying to determine whether a person wielding a weapon was a “deranged gunman or someone who thinks he is doing good vigilante work.””

That certainly calls into question the ability of our veterans to handle a gun differently than a “deranged gunman”! I guess they are trained well enough to handle guns when they are being shot at by enemy forces, but not trained well enough to handle themselves calmly and effectively in the case of a campus shooting. Or, perhaps it is the policemen that should feel slighted here. After all, this university president says that they aren’t smart enough to figure out who the bad guys are. What this comes down to is that many people in this country do not believe that we really have the right to defend ourselves. Or, at least there are places that we don’t have that right.

The Senator responsible for introducing this bill, Jason Murphey (a Republican), is also sited in the article:

Rep. Jason Murphey, a Republican, had introduced the campus gun bill. He said college officials used fear tactics against his measure, and he disputed their claim that it would have increased security problems.

Murphey and others argued that properly trained people with concealed handguns could avert deadly episodes like one last year that left 33 dead, counting the shooter, at Virginia Tech.

“If we can’t trust our veterans, who can we trust?” he asked.

That final question is a good one. Why are we afraid to let people who are trained in combat carry a gun to help protect themselves and their fellow students? The claim is that there will be more violence. But, that is unsubstantiated on every level! Just think about it. If there had been just one person with a legal gun in the first classroom attacked at Virginia Tech, how many lives may have been saved? Carry that thought on to all the school shootings and other attacks we hear of in the news. Most of them take place in locations where firearms (in the hands of law abiding citizens) are banned. The truth is, cowards go where they know they won’t be shot at.

It is time to start considering legislation like this bill in Oklahoma. It is time for people to be able to defend themselves, as the Constitution gives them the right to do. But, this isn’t going to happen until one party in our governmental system admits that we as individuals are better equipped to care for ourselves, than to rely on the government!

Just my 2 cents worth…

EDIT:  I can’t believe that I forgot that today was Tuesday, and I neglected the Tuesday’s Tracking.  Be sure to check back next week for a new update in that category…if I don’t forget it again!

5 Responses to “Looks Like the Antis Win Another One…”

  1. It is the same old argument as always, “we can’t give guns to the people because than bad people would have guns!” The problem is that the bad people already have the guns, it is the good, law abiding people who are left defenceless. I just think that’s very sad.

  2. The other sad thing is that even if a good law-abiding, well-trained, level-headed gun owner was carrying a gun and did shoot a shooter like the Virginia Tech shooter in order to keep more innocent lives from being taken they would have to immediately call their lawyer and start their defense…

  3. Everything you said in this post is absolutely correct! I just couldn’t agree more too be honest.

  4. it’s weird how much your culture is different from our own (Uk). Our gun laws are very tight, strict licenses have to be applied for and there are many restrictions. they have always been this way and yet i don’t feel my civil rights have been taken away.

  5. thebigandyt, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    I think that your comment exhibits a difference in backgrounds. If we had never known anything but these restrictions, we too would probably feel the same as you. However, to have freedoms, which are guaranteed specifically by our constitution, and then have them taken away (contrary to that same constitution) does make us feel like our rights are being taking away.

    I hope you come back and visit often!

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