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Where are the Nut Cases?

April 2nd, 2008

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post about Al Gore’s comments concerning those who disagree with his alarmist and extremist positions on Global Warming (or Global Climate Change as it is not being called). He basically called anyone who dissented from his position crazy (that is, they are the same people who don’t believe in the moon landing, and still think the earth is flat). Well, it didn’t take long to show that there are plenty of nut cases on the side of Al Gore (and that’s even if we aren’t counting him!)

Here is an audio quote from Ted Turner, who was on the Charlie Rose show:

Ted Turner on Global Warming

So, the earth is going to warm up some 8 degrees in the next 30-40 years, we are all going to be cannibals, and live in a failed state like Somalia. Wow. Can we say “certifiable”? From now on, please don’t act like you have to be stupid, or ignorant to believe that global warming is a hoax. There is plenty of evidence to support that you have to be nuts to believe it is legit too!

I couldn’t believe this when I heard it on the Glenn Beck show this morning. When he played the audio, I was shocked. I try to give most people the benefit of the doubt. I think you could come to a different conclusion than I have come to. I believe you could have studied the evidence, and simply interpreted it differently than I have. However, Ted Turner has made me lose confidence in that idea…

Oh, and just in case you missed it.  He also said that the insurgents who are blowing up American and Iraqi forces are the real patriots.  Not really a surprising statement from Mr. Turner.

Want to read more? Visit the News Buster’s Site. Video is included there.

3 Responses to “Where are the Nut Cases?”

  1. I personally think that before you can become famous and go to Hollywood you have to declare yourself completely dilusional. You have to be or you just wouldn’t fit in there.

  2. Ted Turner has to be a nut case, he married Jane Fonda! AKA Hanoi Jane, did you hear about the vietnam vet that spit tobacco juice in her face at one of her book signings? That was a beautiful thing. She doesn’t even deserve to live in this country. As a veteran of the United States Army, just seeing her face on tv makes me want to puke. So Ted thinks the insurgents are the real patriots? I’d like to spit a little beach nut in that dudes(SOB’s)eye.

  3. Have any of you guys hear what the New Jersey Nets are doing to in the fight against global warming? Not only are there games now cabon-neutral, but they traded Jason Kidd to the Dallas Maveriks for the a “better enviroment” also. Julianne Waldron explained to the media that Kidd was giving off to much Carbon dioxcide. “Jason Kidd always hustles when he is on the basketball court, and we all admire that greatly. But all of that running up and down the court, pushing the team out on fastbreaks, expending extra energy just to make a few extra points and possibly win a game, caused all of the players to breathe a great deal more heavily and thereby expel extra amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, and we all know that is bad for the environment. We made the difficult decision to trade Kidd in order to save the planet.” Check out this article I found on it “Environmental Activism is the Key to the Current Success of the New Jersey Nets

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