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Tuesday’s Tracking: A New Look Here!

April 8th, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingThis Tuesday’s Tracking is a bit different today from what I have done in the past. I have reworked the theme here again, and think it is working better now. It still doesn’t look quite as good in Internet Explorer as it does in Firefox. I have a good solution: Download Firefox! I do think it is better, but at least now you can actually read this blog in IE!

I am still working on my blog roll some, but I have made some changes. I have followed Blessed lead, from over at A Blessed Crazy Life, and have instituted a “Daily Read” list. I will try to keep that updated with the 10 blogs that I read most often. I try to get to all of them daily, but you know how things go. We all get busy, and it makes it hard to get everything done that we need to (or want to).

So, to kick off the new blog look, and to show some appreciation for the great blogs that I read regularly, here is my First Daily Read List (in alphabetical order):

So, that is the list as it stands today. There are many other blogs that I read when I get the opportunity. I try to read these most days. A lot of times I try to comment, but that has been few and far between as of late. I’m going to try and be a bit more diligent about it.

For those on the list, if I haven’t covered your blog in my “Tuesday’s Tracking” feature, I probably will be before too much longer! To those who haven’t made this list, perhaps you will move up there before long. It will be difficult to figure out how to shuffle these great blogs around. I may have to expand my “Daily Reads” to more than 10!

As for the new design, be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  I think this is a bit more functional than my last design, and I really like the the 3 Column look.  I think I have made some changes that will speed up the loading of the page as well.  My biggest problem now is too many pictures!  But, I hate to leave those off, especially if they are of my kids enjoying the outdoors!

7 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tracking: A New Look Here!”

  1. Thanks for reading my blog daily! I do yours as well. I am using IE and can see everything now. Looks great.

  2. I use Firefox – I have found it to be a much better browser, I even got my husband to convert! Thanks for having me on your Daily Reads list, I try to read your blog every day too. I like the new look – it does load a lot faster for me than the old one did.

  3. I’m flattered I made the list. That’s lovely. Obviously I stop by your blog on a daily basis (sometimes a couple of times as well).

    This new look does load much faster and looks much nicer in IE7. I need to switch to Firefox, in fact I have it on this computer, but I keep sticking with IE. I’m not sure why.

  4. Hello Kris – Thanks for thinking enough of my blog to have it on your daily read list. That means a lot to me that I am writing trout fishing material that someone enjoys. I, also, read your blog daily and sometimes check more than once a day if I have time. Just like keeping up with the other really good blogs on the outdoor scene.

    I like the new look also!

  5. Hey, I’m flattered that I made the daily read list. I read yours everyday as well. Thanks for the link too.

    I think the new design looks great. I know how much time and effort goes into making these wordpress themes look exactly how you want them, so I just wanted to let you know that all the work was worth it.

    Looks good!

  6. Heya,

    The new look is real nice, even though I am looking at it through Internet Exploder instead of Firefox.

    Appreciate the link, and the honor of being on your list there! Many thanks for that!

  7. Kris,

    I have been a little behind on my blog commenting, so forgive me… I love to the new look, and I truly appreciate you reading and linking to my site!

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