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Dreamin’ Big…African Safaris!

April 11th, 2008

T. Jeffrey Safari CompanySince I was old enough to hunt, I think I’ve dreamed of being able to go to Africa and Hunt. Then, when I went off to college, my first roommate was from Africa, and told stories about living there. That only fueled my fire to want and go and hunt there. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to do so…maybe someday!

I came across a pretty cool website today of company that runs African Safaris. T. Jeffrey Safari Company offers a lot of different safari options, including a Namibia safari hunting trip. Be sure to visit the website, so that you can see all of the great animals available for hunts in South Africa!

This website is very well put together, and has all the information that you need to inform you on African Safaris.  What really surprised me is the relatively low cost of the Safari.  In fact, you can take an African Safari, and have the opportunity to take several animals, for the same price that a guided elk hunt usually costs in this country.  I found it ironic that there are some North American hunts offered on the same site, and an antelope hunt is comparable to an African Safari!

The pictures of harvested animals on this site are great.  I would like to see the pictures be a little bit bigger, but that is probably just because I love looking at that kind of picture.  It’s great being able to see people who have been successful on such a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Viewers should beware, there are several harvest pictures with a lot of blood showing.  There are even some pretty graphic pictures of head shot game, which does not bother me at all, but I thought I better warn you about it.

I think you all will enjoy taking a look at this website.  It has a lot of great pictures of African game species, and a lot of happy hunters.  Who knows, if you ever have the chance to go on an African Safari, you might wan to check out T. Jeffrey Safari Company!

Thanks to the T. Jeffrey Safari Company for supporting this post!

2 Responses to “Dreamin’ Big…African Safaris!”

  1. I will be taking my first trip to South Africa this summer to hunt plains game. If I can manage a computer connection, I plan to blog while I am there. Hopefully, you will be able to see updates at http://www.eastcoasthunting.blogspot.com/.

    Either way, I will keep you informed.

    Steven M. Kendus
    Author, Hunting The First State: A Guide to Delaware Hunting

  2. You almost make me envious! Good luck with your hunt, and I look forward to hearing your reports!

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