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Tuesday’s Tracking: A Little Self Promotion…

April 22nd, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingI hope you all will indulge me a bit today with the Tuesday’s Tracking. I wanted to let you all know about a couple of new(er) blogs that I have been writing, because I thought you all might enjoy them. Before long, I may have more than I can reasonably keep up with!

Some of you have probably seen the first one that I want to mention. It is called The Next Best Thing, and focuses on different topics related to the internet and to blogging. Though I certainly am no expert blogger, I try to share some of the things that I have come across in making blogs, and trying to improve them. I also write about various methods of making a few bucks here and there off of the internet. Again, I am no expert in these areas, but I am trying to share what has worked for me, and what has not (so that maybe you won’t waste the money that I have!) You might be particularly interested in the sections about blogging, and the sections about design stuff. Let me know if you find anything useful!

The second blog that I just started is called Shooting from the Right, and I am planning to use it more for political and current events centered discussions. You all have probably figured out from some of the stuff that I have written here that I am pretty conservative when it comes to my politics, so you will certainly find more of that over at the new blog. That may suit some of your fancies, and others may not like it…drop in and check it out! I am hoping to share the writing on that blog with one of my brothers (Aaron), so that I won’t have to keep it updated all the time by myself. He is a good writer, and a good thinker, so I am really looking forward to sharing this project with him. If he ever gets a post up, make sure and leave him a comment so he doesn’t get discouraged. He has tried this blogging thing before, rather unsuccessfully, so I am hoping to prod him into sticking with it this time! By the way, Aaron is Cheyenne’s Daddy…just so you can connect all the dots in this blogging family!

Thanks for letting me share some of these new blogs with you. I hope you enjoy them, and that they might be helpful to you. Stop into the Next Best Thing for some good tips, and stop into Shooting from the Right for some good discussions. Jump in on both!

I also thought that I would mention that I have 5 advertising slots open on Shooting from the Right. Because it is a brand new blog, I am not trying to sell these slots. I am offering them for the price of a blog post. If you would like to put a 125 X 125 ad on that blog, simply send me the graphic for the ad, and then write a blog post linking the two blogs highlighted in this post. Ads “purchased” in this way will be good for AT LEAST one month (probably longer). If you are interested, drop me a line in the comments!

5 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tracking: A Little Self Promotion…”

  1. Writing multiple blogs is fun! It is fun to cover different topics and different side of your personality on different blogs.

    I will definitely check these out. If you put the OBS badge up on them, or link to the OBS, we’ll include these blogs on the Supporting Blogroll too.

    Just thought I’d mention that. 🙂

  2. Hi Kris

    I’ve checked out both of those blogs and will continue to do so. I’m willing to “advertise” for you – just to get rid of those empty spaces if nothing else!

  3. Welcome to the multi blogger gang. Lol.

    Writing several blogs is fun but at times can be very trying too. Best of success to you.

  4. thanks othmar, I appreciate the encouragement.

    Blessed, I’d be happy to have you as one of the “advertisers”. if you have a graphic you want to email to me, that would be great…let me know if you can’t get my address from one of my comments on your blog (I’m not sure how blogger’s control panel works) Thanks!

    Kristine, thanks for the offer…I am trying to decide just how much I am going to “cross over” on the blogs. I will probably decide to link OBS on those blogs too, if I decide to do blogrolls on them at all.

  5. Hi Kris – I can’t pull your email address from Blogger but you can email me at:

    crazydogcreative [at] gmail [dot] com

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