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Dead Bear Found on Porch in Man, West Virginia

April 28th, 2008

Dead BearThis would be a shocking “good morning” to you! Elaine Short, of Man, WV, woke up to found a 500 lb black bear dead on her porch. Evidently a 16 year old neighbor shot the bear with his bow and arrow, and it wandered off to the Short’s house, where it expired sometime in the night.

The bear had evidently been tagged at least twice by the DNR. This early in the spring, it is not surprising that the bear wandered closer to homes, as it was probably looking for something to eat.

What shocks me about this story is that the 16 year old that shot the bear, out of season, was only issued a warning by the State DNR. I suppose that they were “going easy” on him because of his age, but I think they are making a mistake! There is already a huge problem in this state with poaching, and to simply give a warning to this youngster is not good enough. He knew what he was doing when he shot this bear, and he should have some punishment to follow his actions. The only exception to this (and there may still be more to come out of the story) is if there was some danger and he shot the bear in defense of self or property. Thus far, there is no indication of this. I am not advocating locking him up in jail, or even stripping his license for ever, but I do think that some punishment is justified to show him just how serious this type of offense is. Let him do some community service. Let him work with the DNR for a few weeks. Let him get a real taste of what respect for the outdoors, and the wildlife is about!

Photo courtesy of WOWK TV, and Credited to Elaine Short. Click on it to see a larger image of this great bear!

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  1. I have to say Kris that I completely agree with you. The only message they are sending, but letting him off, is that if you are young you can get away with stuff like this, and that is not the message I think we should be sending. I’m with you– let him do some community service, work with the DNR, clean trash out of a state park, something for gosh sake!

    Poaching is poaching and I agree that the only way he should get out of this is if someone was in danger!

  2. What a shock to the lady who found the dead bear on her porch. I agree about the 16 year old, I think some volunteer time at the DNR would be highly appropriate along with requiring him to hunt with an adult for another year – a warning of sorts, if you are hunting without a licensed adult with you for the 08-09 season you’ll have to pay a fine or loose your license for a year or something… unless there is forthcoming information he obviously isn’t responsible enough to be hunting alone yet.

  3. I agree with you Kris. At 16 a person is definitely old enough to understand the rules and to know when an action they take breaks those rules. There should definitely be some sort of consequence for his actions. Otherwise he’s just going to keep doing this sort of thing and thinking he can get away with it.

    I hope you keep us updated on this story. I’d like to know if it was a shooting to defend himself or if he really was poaching.

  4. I am in total agreement with all of you. And I would agree with the community service.

  5. I, too, think the warning was too light. At the very least, the young man should have to take a hunter’s safety class and pay a substantial fine. The fine can help pay for future education classes, habitat restoration, etc.

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  7. This boy knew exacally what he was doing,but didnt care because he hadnt planned on getting caught.He should have payed a huge fine not only for hunting out of season but for each and everyone this bear could have produced.I truely think it is a matter of who you know.This will not learn him NOTHING.

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