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Tuesday’s Tracking: A Blessed Crazy Life

April 29th, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingToday’s Tuesday’s Tracking goes out to A Blessed Crazy Life.  This blog has been on my daily read since before I started a daily read list.  In fact, it was this blog that inspired me to start a special section on my blog roll highlighting the “Daily Read.”

Blessed (as she is known in the blogging world) writes this blog, which is not strictly a “hunting blog.”  She keeps us informed (albeit cryptically) about much that happens in her life, and with her family, and pets.  She has been writing recently about some of her dogs.  She recently lost one dog, which is always sad.  But she has also been writing about her Labradors, which just happens to be my favorite kind of dog.  I have two of those myself!  Make sure and check out her contest that is running right now (which I still haven’t thought about long enough to send in my entry, but I hope to do soon.)

One thing I have really enjoyed about Blessed’s blog is the pictures of the many mounts that she has throughout her home.  Her family has a great selection of different game animals, birds and (I think) fish.  It makes my collection (one deer head) look pitiful, but inspires me to want to add a few more to what I have!  The mounts she has are very well done, so she must have a great taxidermist!

Blessed is great about visiting other blogs and leaving comments.  She always adds something profitable to the discussion.  I enjoy reading what she writes, on her own blog and in the comments of so many other blogs.  It is nice to see someone so involved in our blogging community.

Blessed also recently took me up on some advertising on another of my blogs, and she wrote a great review of a couple of my blogs.  Thanks so much Blessed for all you do among our group of blogging friends!

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  1. Hey Kris! Thanks for the pat on the back – I appreciate it. We don’t have a fish mount yet, but hopefully one day soon – we do have a great taxidermist, he lives 15 minutes away, is as old as the hills and I don’t know what we’ll do when he passes away. For some reason he really likes me and that has helped us out – we’ve been able to trade him driftwood and running a few errands for him in exchange for all of our mounts except the mallards (the first ones we had done) which I posted a picture of yesterday and will be telling the story about next Friday.

  2. Blessed blog is great. I also read it on a daily basis and enjoy her different takes on a variety of subjects.

  3. Blessed has a great blog. She is one of my daily reads as well.

  4. I realized I noted this in the Community Wednesday post, but didn’t comment. I enjoy this blog a lot. Blessed is a good writer. The story she has been running the last few Fridays has just been breaking my heart.

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