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Garden Plots…the Saga Continues

May 24th, 2008

Today I was able to get outside and finish up with planing the garden. We got everything but the kale in (I’m throwing in that link just to share with Tom what kale is…I didn’t know either until a friend asked me to plant some for her!). We ended up planting 8 tomato plants, 6 pepper plants, 1 watermelon plant, and 1 cantaloupe plant, besides the seeds for everything else that I listed yesterday.

Jacob PlantingI had a lot of help with the garden. I had 4 little hands that just couldn’t wait to get in and help out. Our little Skylar doesn’t like to get her hands too dirty, so she would put a plant in, and then barely touch the dirt trying to push it in the hole with the plant. After a while she forgot about keeping clean, and had a lot more fun with the planting! Jacob on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of any of it. The hardest part was keeping him from grabbing things before I was ready for it. Without close observation, I am sure all of my plants would have had a hard day today!

It was nice to use this as opportunity to talk with the kids about how things grow, and how that provides food for us. I think it will be interesting to watch Skylar, as she realizes that the plants we put in the ground provide what we will eat for supper. We talked about how that is the case, but I’m not sure she will really grasp it until we actually start pulling the vegetables off the plants and using them for our supper. This was a good opportunity for us to talk about the wonderful creation that God has given to us, and how we can use what He has given to us in a good way.

Skylar RocksHere is a picture of Skylar with the pile of rocks that I had to dig out of the garden. This is not a very big garden, so the pile of rocks is pretty substantial. I was afraid that it would be even worse than it was. One big problem with this project was dealing with all the junk that got tilled to the top. I suspect that fill was brought in and used to level off the property that I live on, back when the house was built. Because of that, we found glass, marbels, pieces of plastic, and a lot of other things during the tilling process. I have tried to get everything picked up to make sure the kids don’t get cut on something. I hope I have been successful in that!

JonDavid OutsideWe did have a supervisor for the project today, at least while it was not raining. We have found out that JonDavid, like the rest of our crew, likes to stay outside. He has been laying out on a quilt while the rest of us are outside working or playing. Yesterday he found the grass, and seemed to like it a lot. I am sure it won’t be long at all until he is crawling around the grass, trying to catch up with the other kids, and getting a hold of the plants in the garden. For now, he was content to just keep an eye on us!

I have a couple of other pictures of the kids from the days activities that I will share with you as I close. I still did not get a picture of the whole garden yet, but maybe I will do that in the next couple of days. It looks like it has a lot of grass growing in it, since I just busted up the sod in there yesterday. I am hoping that the grass clumps will die, and I can till them in by the end of the summer. Next year, I hope those won’t be so bad! Anyway, here are a couple of more pictures!

Skylar Planting Skylar Jacob Planting

8 Responses to “Garden Plots…the Saga Continues”

  1. Looks like a great family project. I wish we could have a garden, oh well I’ll just be happy with my flowers and my apple trees again this year.

  2. All that hard work will pay off when you take a bite of your first tomato. I had my niece come over and help plant my flowers and she was the same way. She wanted to help until she got dirt on herself. Pictures are adorable.

  3. Looks like a good project, and it definitely looks like the kids were enjoying themselves.

  4. Looks like work turned into fun! You didn’t till up any hidden treasures, did you?

  5. See, not only is kale oh so yummy, but super healthy for you!

  6. Such cute pictures and adorable kids. Looks like a fun day and the work will sure pay off when you have veggies later this summer.

  7. The joys of gardening. I love my garden too although I’ll admit it’s pretty wild. I have a veggie patch but I ensure that all my plants are indegenious. What some people call weeds are all planted just like real flower beds.

    It’s full of birds and also yummy things to eat.

  8. Great pictures! Looks like a great time with the kiddies! Thanks for the link to clarify for me! 🙂 Now it looks like I might have to see if Kale will grow in our area!

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