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Away from the Computer for a Few Days…

June 10th, 2008

Those of you who read this blog fairly regularly have probably noticed that I have not been updating with my usual frequency here at Jake’s Outdoors. My real world life has kept me incredibly busy over the last few weeks, and the near future doesn’t look like it is slowing down much! I am not complaining, mind you, but it is my explanation for the sparsity of posts lately. I don’t foresee being able to get back to posting much (here or any of my other blogs) within the next week to 10 days at best, and looking at my schedule, I am thinking that regular posting will probably not return until at least late September, or early October. I hope that doesn’t deter you all from keeping up with this blog, but I just thought I should let you know whats going on over here, so you don’t think I’ve forgotten about you all. I try to get around and read a few posts when I can, and I hit many of your blogs, even if I am not leaving comments (I catch up by reading in my reader!) So, check in when you can, and I’ll be doing the same, even if you don’t see a lot written here!

I wrote a few days ago about Skylar shooting the bow, and realized that I didn’t have a video of Jacob. But, his Papaw came through for us, and posted this video of Jacob shooting the bow, so I thought I’d share it!

I know I have been away from the Tuesday’s Tracking for a couple of weeks, but I will try to get back to it soon. Until then, just remember how much great stuff you can get by reading blogs like The Hunter’s Wife, Simply Outdoors (I haven’t forgotten your “Why you hunt” post, Arthur, just haven’t had the time it deserves yet!), the Hog Blog, the Idaho TroutHunter, and Outdoors with Othmar. I am sure that they will keep you fully entertained until I am able to get back on the ball and writing more regularly!

5 Responses to “Away from the Computer for a Few Days…”

  1. We miss you, but I totally understand!

  2. I think a lot of people are having a busy summer. I’m just now getting back to regular posting and commenting after my recent health issues. Go ahead and get done what you need to get done. We’ll be here when you get back.

    I do hope you stop by the OBS every once in a while.

  3. I’ll miss reading your blog regularly – but that’s just me being selfish! Look forward to hearing from you in the fall, at least.

  4. Hope all works out and you can get back on schedule. It does seem everyone has been really busy lately.

  5. I totally understand although I will miss the frequency of your posts as well.

    Good luck getting everything caught up and all of us bloggers will still be here when you return.

    Thanks for the link as well.

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