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Gardening Update…End of the Season

August 25th, 2008

I wrote earlier in the year that we were putting in a garden for the first time since we moved to this house nearly three years ago.  We tilled up the front yard (yes, the front yard) and planted a little bit of everything.  Overall, the garden was a bit disappointing this year.  Many of my plants came up, and appeared to be flourishing, but then did not produce very well.  I am afraid that I tried to cram too many things into a small space.  I probably also need to work the ground a little better before planting next year.

My corn looks great standing, but only produced a few ears off of 4 rows.  Some of the ears only filled out a part of the kernels, leaving big empty spots on the cob.  I’m not sure what brought that on, but we only got about 20 ears of edible corn from all that we planted.  I’m not sure I’m going to plant any more corn next year, especially if I can’t figure out what the problem is with it.

Our tomatoes finally did OK after having to replace 2 or three that got chewed off by a rabbit.  We have gotten enough for my wife, who is the only tomato eater in our family.  Jacob likes the cherry tomato plant, as it puts off several ripe tomatoes per day, and he loves getting out there and picking.

Our green beans produced pretty well.  We got about 3 pickings off of them, and enough for several meals.  I think we may try to plant a few more beans next year so that we can put some up in the freezer.  We like Blue Lake green beans, as they are typically very tender, and a sweet flavored bean.

Our okra has been disappointing this year.  We were out of town when the first “tier” was ready, and no one cut it.  That makes okra stop growing, so we haven’t gotten but a few pods off of it since we got back.  We do have a friend who has been growing a lot of okra too, so he has been sharing with us.  We love fried okra!

My squash were the biggest disappointment of the season.  We had great looking plants, but only got about a half a dozen squash.  I think that I didn’t thin my plants out enough.  Next year, I will plant less plants, and hopefully get a few more squash!

Our melons didn’t do very well either, though our vines looked great.  We got one watermelon, and one cantaloupe.  These took far too much space for not having produced any more fruit.

I am going to try and work with the soil this fall, and see if we can produce more next year.  We plan to use the rabbit manure from our new endeavor to enrich the soil, and I am going to add some lime to it before tilling it under this fall.

Do you all have any suggestions for making my garden more prosperous?

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  1. Well, bummer! That’s too bad – I love fresh veggies. Hope you can get it figured out for next year.

  2. I think your ideas of not cramming in so much and tilling the ground deeper might work. I participated in a vegetable gardening project at my in-laws’ house and our experience was somewhat similar to yours, although we did get a bunch of squash before the bugs got it. I figure gardening is something in which you can learn from mistaks and improve every year.

  3. I have no advice, especially since I have no green thumb whatsoever.

    I would have to guess that you learn every year though, and hopefully next year will be better.

  4. If you want squash, just ask Mom and Dad. It was coming off faster than we could eat it while we were up there, and that was when Justin and Laura were there as well. I think we had squash pretty much every night, and they were giving away tons!

  5. Gardens are great because you get to eat your own food, know how it’s been grown and treated. The downside is you never know what’s going to flourish, but each year it gets easier and more fulfilling.


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