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Buckmaster’s Tip of the Week: Backtracking a Buck

October 5th, 2006

Books have been written on the art of tracking bucks. It’s a productive technique that requires practice, some knowledge of deer habits and a LOT of persistence. Outdoor writer Jeff Murray, who takes record-book bucks with the regularity of Old Faithful, does things a little backward. In fact, he does tracking completely backward — Jeff has mastered the art of backtracking bucks to learn where and when to ambush them.

He says, “By backtracking a buck you can tell where he spends his nights and where he spends his time during legal hunting hours. You can tell exactly what he’s feeding on after dark and what he’s eating in daylight; where he likes to cross creeks, rivers, roads and trails; how he makes his loop; and you can tell the size and shape of his home territory. Give me clues like these, and that buck’s in trouble!”

To read Jeff’s complete article, check out the December issue of Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine. To learn more about Jeff Murray and his hunting techniques, visit http://www.moonguide.com.  And if you have the opportunity, give backtracking a buck a try.

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