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September 17th, 2008

Several years ago, I bought a charcoal smoker.  This was back in my college years, when my wife and I lived in a little trailer in Auburn, Alabama.  We wore that thing out smoking venison quarters, chickens and just about anything else we thought would taste good.  It literally fell apart on us!

Fast forward about 10 years.  I have looked in the Cabela’s catalog and drooled over the hi-tech smokers, but cringed over the price tags.  In a perfect world, I’d drop that $400 for a top of the line box smoker with all the bells and whistles.  But, for now, I just can’t swing it.  Well, lo and behold, I was in Wal-Mart a while back, and discoverd the Brinkman Smokin’ Grill, which serves double duty.  It is charcoal fired (which provides the best flavoring in my opinion) and cheap (just $28.99).  That is a combination that I can deal with.  So, we brought it home, put it together and then broke it in on a few hot dogs.  My wife then laid out a beautiful deer roast (had to be 10+ pounds), which I threw on the smoker.  About 6 hours later, we had perfectly smoked, perfectly flavored venison.  All we did was rub the outside with olive oil to keep the juices in, and then sprinkle it with grilling seasoning.

In the “old days”, I would mix up my on concoction for smoking, involving just about every kind of seasoning and sauce I could find in the kitchen.  It was great, but I found that this new method was just as good, and a whole lot easier.  Combining the venison with some home fries, and coleslaw was just the ticket.  I’m looking forward to a lot more meals like that!

We have been trying to clear out some of our older venison, since our season is quickly approaching.  I have been giving away a ton of meat.  I’m surprised we still have so much since we don’t buy any red meat, we only eat venison.  But, it is nice to be able to share with friends in the area who don’t get the opportunity to have deer meat much.  I’m thinking I may have to pull out a few more roasts, and get them smoked.  Maybe I’ll have some folks over to enjoy the bounty!

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  1. I loved the Mask movie reference in the title; if that is what you were meaning to do.

    Sounds like some yummy grub. I just wish I still had some venison left. Oh well, season is almost here.

  2. Drop by and get some out of my freezer 🙂

  3. That sounds like a good meal. I’ve never had smoked venison. I’ve had smoked fish and smoked turkey and those were good. I’m betting venison would be too.

  4. Ahhh smoked venison – one of my favorite meals… we’re almost out of deer meat too, I wish you lived just down the road instead of a few states away!

  5. Hey! Looks wonderful! What time’s dinner?

  6. Kristine, you have to try the smoked venison if you get the chance…it is great stuff, and it doesn’t get any more healthy than smoked venison!

    Blessed, sorry you guys are so far away…wish we could share what we have left!

    Crystal, if you’d come visit me, I’d fix you some 🙂

  7. That definitely made me hungry!

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  9. That Brinkman is a true work of art for the price! we used to sell them at Kmart (once upon a time) and could never keep them in stock. Sounds like you enjoyed your’s to the fullest! Made me hungry!

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