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More Dishonest Campaigning…

September 24th, 2008

Things are heating up here in West Virginia as the presidential election nears.  The democrats have lost the last two presidential elections because the candidates were against 2nd amendment rights.  Both Gore and Kerry lost because West Virginians thought they would impede their rights to own guns.  Barak Obama is not about to let that happen (or so he thinks).

There are ads that are currently running in our state that feature the president of the American Hunters and Shooters Association, which claim that McCain and Obama are just alike when it comes to our guns, and therefore, we should vote for Obama because he will do more in the area of jobs, and the economy.  I suppose that there are some people who will be ignorant enough to just accept this commercial at face value and decide that Obama is an ok choice for those of us who actually enjoy exercising our second amendment rights.  I am not one of those ignorant few.  I decided to take a look at this organization and see what they were about, and see why they are endorsing Obama rather than McCain (or some other candidate).  What I discovered was that this group is not really interested in our best interests!

The American Hunters and Shooters Association is really a global warming, eco-extreme group.  The website (linked above) will show you that they have one issue in mind, and they are far more focused on it than for protecting our gun rights.  It is fine for them to be an organization that stands for what they believe in, but don’t hide it under the guise of standing for my 2nd amendment rights!  Most of their website is focused on bashing the NRA.  I am sure that we can all agree that the NRA has made mistakes, but they have certainly done more for protecting the 2nd amendment rights of Americans than any other organization.  To spend so many pages bashing the NRA tells me that the American Hunters and Shooters Association is not nearly as interested in gun rights as they are for their pet project of global warming.

This group only supports those in congress and the senate (as well as presidential candidates) who will say that they think global warming is a serious, man made issue.  Any candidate that believes that global warming is the result of cyclical climate changes is “against conservation.”  This is evident by reading the quotes that they put on their site, as well as the ratings of the various candidates on the site.  It is a ridiculous proposition that one must believe that global warming is both man made and ultimately destructive to be able to work for conservation!  Many smart, educated people disagree with the leftist positions on global warming, and yet do much for conservation.  I am one, and many of my friends fall into the same category!  In fact, as far as animal conservation is concerned, I will take real hunters every time over the typical conservation organizations.

The assertion that Obama and McCain will protect 2nd amendment rights in the same way is blatantly dishonest.  I have written an article that chronicles Barak Obama’s positions on gun rights.  It shows that Obama has not been a friend of gun owners.  He has done his best to outlaw semi-automatic fire arms in his home state, and I believe that he will continue to work toward this end.  He had no record of being “for guns” until well into this campaign, when he needed to start winning over “rural America.”  In other words, he tells people just what they want to hear.  And that is exactly what this commercial does!

I guess that this group thought that putting “Hunters” and “Shooters” in their title would make those of us who are really hunters and shooters to just accept what they have to say.  They obviously think that we are a stupid group, who have no ability to think for ourselves.  They also must be desperate to get Obama elected.  I know that many will vote for Obama because they think he is best for the country.  I don’t think that is the case.  Please don’t be deceived into thinking that he will be good for our 2nd amendment rights.  He will certainly degrade our rights any way that he can under his umbrella of “common-sense enforcement.”

I am not a “one issue voter”, but 2nd amendment rights is on my list of “must haves” in a candidate.  If Barak Obama will lie to me about what he believes on this issue, how many other issues will he lie about?  This is not a matter of a “mistake”, it is not a matter of being “unclear.”  He has been clear throughout his career, and that is what speaks louder to me than the words he spews now.

© Kris Brewer

4 Responses to “More Dishonest Campaigning…”

  1. The American Hunters and Shooters association is a joke. Their are a leftist anti-gun organization that is trying to disguise themselves by using “Hunter and Shooters” in their name.

    They have been running similar ads in my state as well. I was shocked by the rhetoric they used. I also was amazed at the corny football references they used.

    Hopefully people through their disguise and call them out for what they are.

    Great post Kris.

  2. Obama would be amazed that you were able put down the gun and bible you were clinging to in order to post such a well-written article. He is clueless and dangerous!!

  3. I am glad someone wrote a post on this group. I saw their ads, checked them out and came to the exact same conclusions… Great post!

  4. Now we’ve elected him and we see the pattern continuing. Will health care pay for the murder of babies? He says no, but the documents say yes. When integrity is lost in the leadership, we are in big trouble.

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