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Rabies Found in Coyote in PA

October 5th, 2006

A couple in Sinking Springs, PA, had an exciting weekend.  Mr. Luckenbill heard his dog barking outside and went to investigate.  There he found his dog fighting with a coyote.  He tried to pull the dog away from the coyote, but the coyote just continued to attack.  Finally Mr. Luckenbill and his dog fled for the house, and the coyote tried to follow them right inside!  Fortunately, the quick thinking Mrs. Luckenbill saw the coyote coming and slammed the door on its neck. 

Mr. Luckenbill grabbed his 12 gauge shot gun went looking for the persistent coyote.  He found him in the yard, and disposed of him with the shot gun.  State officials tested the animal and found that it was infected with rabies.  Fortunately, the Luckenbill’s dog had been vaccinated against rabies.  It received a booster (along with a second dog) after the attack.

Source:  The Mercury News

This story illustrates the dangers of allowing predators to go unchecked.  Without hunters willing to limit the population of animals such as coyotes, this kind of story would be more and more common.  Predators are a great part of our world, a great part of our environment, but they must be kept in check.  There are really no natural predators of the coyote in the East.  Without hunting, they will simply reproduce until they are wiped out by diseases such as rabies.  Of course, the same premise is true about other animals such as deer.  It is humorous to me how there are so many anti-hunting, animal rights advocates until the deer are eating their shrubs from their yard in the ‘burbs!

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  1. That is scary. I’m glad there weren’t any kids playing outside when all that happened! You are absolutely right that hunters really help keep this problem from spreading. Let’s keep it up!

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