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Wisconsin Man Killed in Hunting Accident…

October 9th, 2006

Sadly, a man from Franksville, WI, was killed in a duck hunting accident.  According to witnesses, one man was attempting to exchange guns in the blind, and an “absolute freak accident” occurred.  The man reached behind him to secure the 10 gauge shot gun that he wanted to use, putting the 12 gauge he was using down in front of him.  As he lowered the barrel of the 10 gauge, the man’s dog jumped over him at that moment, discharging the gun into the chest of his hunting partner.  The 10 gauge blast from less than 20 feet killed the second man. 

Source:  The Vernon Broadcaster 

I hate to read stories such as this.  It is not that I don’t have sorrow for the death of this man, nor compassion for his family.  But, this was not an “absolute freak accident”.  This is a matter of simple gun handling safety.  The 10 gauge shot gun, not in use, should not have been loaded!  I would not want to have a loaded 10 gauge shotgun pointed at me in any circumstances. Realizing that the freak occurance of a dog jumping the wrong way could discharge the gun is the exact reason that the gun should not have been loaded in the first place. 

Before my father would let me handle a loaded gun, I had to learn the 10 commandments of gun safety.  I am sure I could not quote them verbatim now, but I know the principles and always put them into practice.  If you are not going to handle guns safely, and with at least some modicum of common sense, then I will not be hunting with you!  Occassionaly true accidents happen.  But, if the gun is handled as it should be, then the possibility of that happening become virtually non existent!

Check out Remington’s 10 Commandments of Gun Safety.  Notice particularly rule #2!

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  1. I hate these kinds of stories. These are the ones the libs jump all over with, “SEE! Guns are dangerous!”

    No… the people who don’t know how to handle them are.

  2. I remember having to learn the ten rules! You’re right, it was not just a freak accident. I try to be careful to the point I am almost paranoid when I am handling a gun, especially when I know its loaded. But you should treat EVERY gun as if its loaded (one of the rules). When I am hunting, I check the safety constantly, because I’m so afraid I accidentally flipped it to on. Accidents may happen, but they’re not very likely if everyone is being careful the way they should.

  3. I am sorry for your loss. As said before “you should treat EVERY gun as if its loaded”.

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