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Buckmaster’s Tip of the Week: Where Do Pressured Deer Go?

October 12th, 2006

Have you noticed how all the deer you see while scouting seem to vanish during hunting season? It’s natural to think those deer have left your area for “more safe” country.

In some cases, that’s true. Deer adjacent to posted land are smart enough to know where the pressure is less and will go there. But most often, such nearby sanctuaries are not available; and like you, whitetails don’t like to leave their home areas. So where do they go?

Remember that deer know their home ranges as well as you know your own house. They know the locations of the nastiest thickets, the most secret small hollows and the most unapproachable rises. They will head to these shelters and not come out until after dark as long as there is hunting pressure.

While you’ll never know your woods as well as Mr. Buck, you can get to know it better. Find these deer “bomb shelters” and head there before the shooting starts.

The best time to locate these areas is right after hunting season. The leaves are off the trees, the briars aren’t quite as thick, and you might even have snow to help see trails and droppings. When you find a small, secret-looking spot with concentrated droppings and with trails coming in and out, chances are you’ve located a pressure shelter. Think about the area and where the most-used hunter accesses are located.

Keeping the wind in mind, set up outside the shelter area where you expect the deer to be pushed from. Get to your stand early since the whole idea is to take advantage of the presence and movement of other hunters.

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