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Audubon Society in Favor of Deer Hunting?

October 13th, 2006

Ok, now I have heard everything!  In New Jersey, the Audubon Society, often cited as opposing all hunting, has begun to support deer hunting in certain areas.  And, in New York City, land is being opened up for deer hunting.  Not only that, but they are offering incentives to hunters for hunting on their land, and lowering the hunting age to 14, with a parent present.  Why would this be happening?  Simple:  overpopulation!  That’s right, the very reason that pro-hunters have argued for the need of hunting for years.  We have heard that there is no reason for hunting in this country–we can buy meat at the grocery store.  And, you can find other forms of entertainment that are not so violent.  Now, the truth comes out! 

But, some may say, this problem is only happening in suberbia.  We don’t need hunting in more rural areas where the “balance of nature” is more natural.  News flash:  stop hunting deer in rural America, and the exact same problem will occur.  In most of America, there are no natural predators left for deer.  Human hunters are the only recourse for controlling populations.  The grim reality is, if we do not hunt deer to control populations, then they will become overpopulated, and end up dying slow, painful deaths from starvation.  Yeah, that’s humane.

What it comes down to is that these suburbanites have decided that their $10,000+ landscaping jobs are really more important than their “moral objections” to hunting.  They are against hunting until their hydrangeas are nibbled down to stubs by the resident destructive deer population.  Let’s face it:  either deer hunting is immoral or it’s not.  It can’t be immoral most of the time, but ok if my little oak trees are getting mowed down by the not so selective browsing whitetail.  I for one am tired of being blasted by these anti-hunting organizations because I enjoy hunting, only to turn around and see them being “in favor” of a hunt just to protect their own personal overpriced maple sapling!

New York is moving in the right direction.  Bring in the hunters to save the day.  Harvest the deer until the population is back down to where the land can support them, and then maintain that level with yearly hunts.  Get ready for the animal rights nuts to decend on you!  Maybe their apple orchard in the ‘burbs hasn’t been destroyed yet.

Source:  The Journal News

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  1. Funny how their “morals” are only good until its THEIR property being overrun… and then their “morals” are out the window. Maybe they should quit trying to legislate our morality and face the facts!

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  3. Excellent Article! Also they should make their deer stand is sturdy, have know people to fall out of them 😉

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