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The Invincible Deer…

December 2nd, 2008

I wrote a few posts back about the deer that seemed to have a force field around it.  It was a little 4 point buck, with an interesting configuration to the horns.  Well, “Bucky” as Chad named him, finally fell to Chad’s 30-30 last night.  Unfortunately, Chad wasn’t able to find the little buck until this morning.  It appears that the deer did not spoil, and that Chad will be able to get some good meat from him.

Upon skinning the deer, Chad found both wounds that were inflicted on Bucky from our archery shots.  Chad had hit him squarely in the hind roast.  How he hit that far back is still a mystery.  It appeared that the arrow passed through the rear leg, missed all arteries, and caused practically no damage.  The wound was completely healed, and Bucky was getting by with nary a limp.

My arrow had gone through the back, just below the spine.  It appeared to me that the broad head had not opened up.  If it had, it would have struck the spine, and surely would have killed the deer.  The arrow passed through and came out the rib cage on the off side.  Looking at the wound, I was shocked the arrow did not pass through the lung.  Obviously, this wound did not cause much damage either.  It was amazing to see the way the wound was healing.  In fact, the buck had grown a whole new network of veins to supply the wound with blood.  It is certainly amazing how resiliant these animals can be.

Don’t misunderstand this post.  It is sickening to me to wound an animal and not recover it.  But, it is nice to see that this buck made it through these wounds, and did not die needlessly.  He will now feed Chad’s family through the winter.  But, he still didn’t go down without a fight.  His forcefield kicked in, and nearly deflected the bullet completely away from him.  But, Chad’s bullet struck home, and Bucky met his demise.

This was Chad’s second buck of the year.  He has now killed 3 deer, and I think he is hooked for good.  We are planning to head back to the camp in a couple of weeks for Muzzleloader season.

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  2. What an amazing story. I guess that is why they call it survival of the fittest. Bucky was certainly a survivor!

  3. It is truly amazing to see some of the wounds deer we harvest have recovered from when we start skinning and butchering them.

    As for the broadhead not opening up… that’s why my hubby refuses to use them, too many stories like that!

  4. The ol’ 30-30 must have been just a bit too powerful for his forcefield. Congrats – and I know where you’re coming from on this. It is sickening to lose a buck, but it is reassuring to find that the wounds were not fatal.

  5. I am always amazed at the wounds that deer can survive. Pretty interesting stuff-glad to hear that someone has meat for the freezer.

  6. Pretty awesome, huh? It’s amazing what these animals can survive with minimal ill effects.

    As to that “dead space” between the spine and vitals, it’s even more pronounced with hogs. Some folks call it the “chime bone”, although it’s neither bone, nor did I notice any distinct chiming sound when I hit it on the last pig I arrowed. It went thump, like any other hit, and I was sure of a double-lung shot until 16 hours later (searched until dark, then came back the next day) when the blood trail finally disappeared for good.

    I hate to lose an animal, but it is reassuring to know that a non-vital wound will usually heal completely. They’re just not as susceptible to infection as we are.

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