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Hunting: The Next Generation

December 8th, 2008

I told you a couple of posts ago about Jacob going hunting, in a tree stand, with my dad. Dad got the videos posted of the aftermath of that hunt. You can see from this first one how excited Jacob was to be out hunting. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait in the stand very long before this little buck came by. He hasn’t built up a lot of patience yet, but this may be just the ticket for getting him to be willing to stay out in the woods a bit longer.  Here is Jacob recounting the hunt:

Here is Jacob behind the camera, and Papaw telling the story:

Look out Bill Jordan…I think Jacob could be one of the next great camera men to video hunters. He could have the next Realtree Roadtrips!

After the stories were told, the work began. Jacob asked if he could help drag…to which I told him he HAD to help drag. Of course his little sister wanted in on that action as well. They both jumped right in and began tugging on the drag rope:

It is exciting to me to see my kids enjoying hunting so much already. As I said before, I think Jacob will be hooked for life now. Next year (or soon thereafter) I hope to have a rifle he can handle so that he can take his own deer!

Thanks to Papaw for the great videos!

7 Responses to “Hunting: The Next Generation”

  1. That is awesome Kris. And Paw Paw looks and sounds like a great role model for little Jake as well.

    Oh, and Jake does have some great potential to be a cameraman. What a great job.

  2. […] out my husband’s blog to see videos of Jacob and the deer he and his Papaw […]

  3. That is awesome! Congratulations on your buck Jacob!

  4. Absolutely precious! I dare anyone to watch this and NOT smile!

  5. Holy smoke that’s awesome!!! I couldn’t help but smile the entire time! 🙂 That’s a great example of what hunting is all about. Very nice.

  6. It’s great to see young kids getting involved in the great outdoors. I know that was exciting for your dad to take Jacob with him hunting.

  7. These are great videos. Thank you for sharing them with us

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