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Goodby to Patrick F. McManus…

December 12th, 2008

I was perusing blogs a few days ago, and came across the news that Patrick McManus will not be writing for Outdoor Life any more.  I couldn’t believe it.  He was a staple of Outdoor Life for so long, it will seem like a completely different magazine without him there.  I decided to write my thoughts up in an article, and had them published today on my Associated Content Account.  You can read those thoughts by clicking here.

McManus has always been one of my favorite outdoor authors.  I have been reading him for many years, and continue now to read his books to my kids.  I have a stockpile of several years of Outdoor Life set aside for my kids, so they will have a ton of his articles to read.  I have several of his books, but I will probably go ahead and stock up on the rest of them.  I know he is getting older, and I don’t know how much more he will be able to write.

If you haven’t read his books, you are really missing something great.  Get ahold of one, and read it.  If you love the outdoors, you will love Patrick McManus! Here are a few that are currently available on Ebay:

3 Responses to “Goodby to Patrick F. McManus…”

  1. I was always proud of the fact that McManus was an Idaho boy like myself- then I realized it didn’t really matter…but I’ve always thought him to be the greatest outdoor humorist the world has ever known – and likely ever will know. I can’t imagine growing up without reading about Eddie Muldoon, Rancid Crabtree, Retch Sweeney, Olga Bonemarrow, Bun, and of course, Pat himself – along with the many other crazy characters I invited into my life through Pat’s stories.

  2. I have read most of his books over the years and he is quite funny. I think he will be missed at Outdoor Life, but I’m guessing he will still keep writing.

  3. Goodbye to an era and thanks Pat,Jim C and Jim Z and Jerry Gibbs for all your years of writing for OL. We will miss you.

    It is sad to see these guys go, can you imagine if Jack O’connor and Elmer Keith or Ted Trueblood were let go for ” Budget Reasons” I think OL which was sold years ago may be on it’s last legs. The talent has left the stable. The mag isn’t a shadow of it’s former self. The current editor should of been let go LONG BEFORE the best talent was.

    I wish the hunting/guns guys would go to a good mag like Peterson’s Hunting like O’connor did.

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