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WV Season is Now Over…

December 18th, 2008

Well, hunting season for me here in WV is over.  I had a very enjoyable, and successful season.  I was able to take a couple of days for muzzle loader season the first of this week, but didn’t add any venison to the freezer.  I don’t know what was up, but it just seemed like I couldn’t shoot for anything.  I missed 3 deer…I felt like they were all laughing at me.  The first one should have been easy, but I just didn’t connect.  The second was a difficult shot.  The deer was about 150 yards out through some brush.  I thought I could get her for sure, but she escaped unscathed.  The third was a shot on the run, and a large tree jumped out in front of me just as I pulled the trigger.  Those trophy trees are somewhat easy to hit, but they are a little tough to get drug out of the woods.  We did have fun hunting, and there were a couple of deer taken.  My friend Danny took a great old doe with a side lock .54 caliber.  The rest of us were hunting with inline .45 caliber rifles with scopes…he nailed one with an old percussion cap rifle with open sights.  Gotta love it!  My dad got a buck that had already dropped his horns.  This is just about the earliest that I have ever seen antlers dropped around here.  I shot one many years ago in Pennsylvania that had dropped his horns.  Bucks and does are legal in muzzle loader season here, so dad probably would have gotten this deer either way.  But, when they start getting killed in doe season, it is kind of a bummer!

I am planning to head down to Alabama to visit some of our family in a few days.  I am hoping to get out a few times to try to bag a deer or two while down there.  I always enjoy getting the opportunity to put a deer or two into my inlaws’ freezer.  Hopefully I can shoot a bit better there than I have here this year.

It has been great reading about so many deer taken this year.  I hope you all enjoyed the season as much as I did.  And for those of you that still have at least some late seasons left to go, good luck!

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  1. Our season has a few weeks left, but we keep getting hit with these winter storms. It’s awful. Hopefully we get out a few more times before the 1st of January. I’m trying to be optimistic.

  2. I’ve been done since October 14 – one of the reasons why I am super excited to be in Idaho next year – I’ll be extending the season much further!

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