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Boo Weekley: I’d Rather Be Hunting

December 19th, 2008

Boo Weekley is one of the most colorful golfers on the pro circuit.  Now, I am not a big golfing fan.  In fact, if Tiger Woods is not in the mix, I probably couldn’t even identify any one in a tournament.  But, I caught this guy on Rome is Burning on ESPN yesterday, and was impressed.  Then, today, I came across this article on Sky Sports about Weekley.

It turns out that Weekley is only a pro golfer because he doesn’t think he can make as much money in the hunting industry.  I don’t know about that, but it is interesting that he is making the news by stating that he would much rather work in the hunting and fishing industry.  But, I want you to notice the response by the author of the article:

Weekley has now added to his eccentric reputation by admitting he would walk away from the pro ranks if he could secure his future by hunting.

So, wanting to be a pro hunter or fisherman makes one “eccentric”.  It seems the media just can’t stand it that there are folks who are not just “rednecks” (or maybe they will classify Weekley as “redneck”) who enjoy the sports of hunting and fishing.  Liking hunting and fishing doesn’t make one eccentric…it makes him one of the millions of Americans who enjoy a lawful, enjoyable sport.

Weekley had a good answer, when asked if he would leave golf for hunting:

Asked if he would give up golf if he had that opportunity, he stated: “No hesitating. There is nothing like it. It’s hard to explain, unless you just hunt and fish for a living, or you do it as much as me.”

I think he got it right.  There is nothing like hunting and fishing in the great outdoors.  It is hard to explain, but for those of us who enjoy the sports as much as Weekley, it is not hard to understand.  Wouldn’t we all like to have a job that allowed us to spend more time hunting and fishing?  Wouldn’t we all like to make either our living, or some “extra cash” from the outdoors that we love so much?  Don’t we all like sitting at our computers and writing about (as well as reading about) outdoor sports?

Maybe we are just all eccentric?  Let the eccentrics ban together!

3 Responses to “Boo Weekley: I’d Rather Be Hunting”

  1. I guess I’m eccentric. And proud of it.

    The media: They crack me up.

  2. Yes I think all hunters and fisherman (or women ) are eccentric, and I think we would all love to be out hunting or fishing everyday of the year if that were possible but I guess we have to settle with what we can get for now. The media does like to belittle us for accepting our great heritage as it was handed down to us but if we stand strong together we will do well.

  3. I’ve heard Boo on Rome’s radio show. He gets off some pretty funny lines that might put him into the “eccentric” category in many people’s eyes; but not that he loves to hunt! What do you know! I’m listening to Rome right now and he just played a soundbite from Boo, who said as a young man he pictured himself more on a “drinking tour” than the PGA tour. Boo is a “Jungle” favorite.

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