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Buckmaster Tip: How Much Is Enough?

October 10th, 2007

With so many great scent, grunt and rattle products out there, it’s tough to figure out the right mix. How much scent is too much, and how much rattling or grunting, or rattling AND grunting is enough?

The problem is that the answer could be different on any given day – it’s up to the deer.

With that in mind, though, it’s safe to say that more hunters make mistakes by overdoing it than the reverse. Choose your setups like you’re not going to have any scent products and like you won’t be doing any grunting or rattling.

Once you have a setup that should produce your deer, then use any scent elimination products (Tink’s makes a good one), and go easy on the attractants, cover-ups, grunting and rattling. Subtlety is the safer approach, especially at first.

Remember, there is no sure-fire guide. It all depends on what the deer want on a given day.

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