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Buckmaster’s Tip: Keep ’em cool

October 12th, 2007

This is the time of year when many hunters hesitate to take a deer for the freezer because of the temperature. Indian Summer days can cause deer to spoil quickly, but there are things you can do to help keep your deer in great eating condition.

First, getting the hide off the meat is ideal because it holds in the heat. If you have a portable gambrel and some rope, get that hide off ASAP. When that’s not an option, putting some ice in the body cavity can save the day. Take a cooler that will hold two bags of ice and buy a few when you stop for coffee.

If you don’t take a deer you’re only out $2. It’s great piece of mind when you’re debating whether or not to take that doe for the freezer.

This is great advice! When it is so warm in hunting season, it makes it hard to bag a deer, but it is really hard to keep that meat fresh! It seems like early bow season has been a warm season for several years now. I know I have used ice in the body cavity to keep many a deer from spoiling. Forget the myth that a deer has to hang for days or else it will taste “gamey”. Butcher a deer as soon as possible when the weather is too warm, else the meat will start to spoil, and then will certainly be ruined by a “strong taste”!

You can get these tips straight from the Buckmaster’s Website

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