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One More Post in the Safety Zone Saga…

January 21st, 2009

I was very encouraged by the reply that I got from Mr. Fox of the Howard County Council.  It showed that there are at least some of the council members who are very concerned about the rights of hunters, and they are trying to make sure that those rights are protected.  After sleeping on the response, I decided to write to Mr. Fox one more time today, and share with him some of my thoughts on his amended propositions.  He did send me one more email asking for my input, as well as any input I might generate through this blog.  If you want to add something, and haven’t written to the council individually, feel free to post it here and I will pass it along.

Here is the text of the letter that I sent to Mr. Fox today:

After considering the email you sent, I thought I would send you a few of my thoughts.  It appears that the changes that you have suggested in the email are reasonable, and that they will certainly help to ensure safety, without taking away from the rights of hunters.  My main observation is this:  it appears that the implementation of the bill as stated in your email would not make any real change to the laws.  Basically, a hunter would not be in violation of the law unless he actually shot into a structure (which is already currently illegal).  If a bullet were to be shot in the general direction of a structure, and yet strike a tree or hill before reaching it, it obviously had an “adequate backdrop”.  It seems to me to be a bit useless to make laws to make something that is already safe and legal to be legal.  At best, it is a bit redundant.  On the other hand, it is also currently illegal to shoot into a structure, or to violate the 150 yard safety zone.  So, again it would be redundant to make another law that makes such actions illegal.

It does sound as if there is some room for improvement based on the implementation of a fine.  I assume this means that you would be codifying the exact punishment for violations to the law that makes it illegal to shoot into a structure or dwelling.  I, for one, am all for harsh punishments for those who would be so careless as to discharge a firearm into a structure or dwelling.  I would support harsh penalties for anyone found guilty of this, and believe a codified punishment would certainly act as a deterrent, and hopefully make people more conscientious of their actions—especially when they pull the trigger.

I will say that if some new law is to be passed, your amended version is by far better than the original bill.  It seems to be much more “hunter friendly” than its original counterpart.  It is my tendency to think that new laws are not needed where there are laws on the books that will accomplish the same end result if they are enforced.

Thank you for your interest in this issue.  I hope that everything goes well in the council meeting tonight, and that all parties are able to come to an agreement concerning this issue.  If it is possible, I would be interested to know how this shakes out.  Thanks again for your time, and willingness to correspond with me, even though I am an “out of stater”.


Kris Brewer

I am very thankful that Mr. Fox has been willing to correspond with me on this subject, and I look forward to seeing how all of this plays out.  I am hopeful that all will work out well for our hunting friends in the state of Maryland.

On a different note, I thought I would share with you the birthday present my wife gave to me today.  She had the kids’ picture taken decked out in their camo:

Hunters in Waiting

Hunters in Waiting

Aren’t they something?!

6 Responses to “One More Post in the Safety Zone Saga…”

  1. I’m glad to see that there is a lot of conversing going on back and forth between individuals and the council involved. It’s refreshing to hear a local government body actually listen to outside opinions, local or not.

    What a great gift. The picture is awesome.

  2. My, my, what a beautiful picture of the younger hunting members in your family. Take care of them. Thanks for the work on this subject.

  3. What a wonderful picture! I’d take any and all of them hunting with me. 🙂

  4. I love the picture! How sweet and hope you had a good birthday!

  5. What a precious picture of your children. I know you look forward to one day taking them all hunting with you….and the day will come! What a special gift that your wife gave you! I know you will cherish it!

  6. PS: Forgot to mention, Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂
    My 2nd daughter, Kathleen, also was born on Jan. 21. She turned 43. 🙂

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