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Off with a “bang”…

October 22nd, 2006

West Virginia bow season is open, and in full swing.  I have only been able to go out a couple of days so far, but I have had some good luck!  I was able to hunt for only a couple of hours on Saturday morning, but I saw 3 bucks.  One spike, one 3 point, and one 6 point.  I was hunting from the ground since I didn’t have opportunity to get my stand set up before season.  Unfortunately, I never even got to scout the property that I was hunting on this year.  However, since I had hunted the property before, I had a pretty good idea of where to go, and where to send my friend, Wally.  It turns out I did ok…2 of the 3 bucks ended up 7 yards from me, and spooked before the decent 6 pt came down to where I could get an open shot.  Two of the deer ran right around the hill to where I had sent Wally, and right under the tree stand he was using.  Wally was able to get off a good shot, and the spike went down within about 100 yards.  This was Wally’s first deer with a bow.  I was thrilled to be hunting with him, and I was glad to see him take this animal.  This was a great trophy for him! 

Monday, I was able to hunt on a different property in in the middle of West Virginia.  I am much more familiar with this property, and have built several permanent tree stands.  I saw another 3 deer, and all 3 were bucks.  I saw 2 spikes, and a seven point.  The 7 point was one of the nicest deer that I have seen, and I was able to get a shot off.  Since the deer was down hill from me, I miscalculated the actual distance.  I hit the deer squarely in the spine, and he went down immedietely.  A follow up through the lungs anchored him on the spot.  Our area of WV doesn’t have any monster bucks, but I was thrilled to tke this dandy!

I also got my son in on some of the pictures.  He is 3 years old, and the namesake of this blog.  It is wonderful the way he loves to be outdoors, and he looks forward to every opportunity to go hunting with me, even if he only gets to go to camp, and not out to the stands.  Every trip back inside is met with him asking, “How big of a buck did you get this time, dad?”  He still has to work on the whole patience thing.  Last year, he got to go out one time and hunt from a ground blind with me.  I hope to be able to take him out at least a couple of times this year as well.  I am sure his Papaw will want to take him out some too!


3 Responses to “Off with a “bang”…”

  1. Great job! Jacob will be out there soon enough!

  2. Nice deer… and I remember well the recipe for the backstraps. When are you going to fire up the grill? Give me a call.


  3. Thanks Al! Hopefully we will be able to get enough to have a cookout one of these days!

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