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Final Note On The Howard County Safety Zone Issue

February 5th, 2009

I think this will be the final post on this issue.  I am happy to say that it appears that the Howard County Council has listened to concerns from hunters and outdoorsmen in crafting the new legislation for the safety zone issue that arose there last year.  Most of the new law seems to me to be clarification of laws that were already on the books, and quantifies the punishment for those who would violate the safety zone laws.  I am glad that they chose to remove all of the language from the new bill which was very anti-hunting.  I am sure that there are many on that side of the fence that are very upset with the bill in its final state.

Greg Fox, one of the county councilmen, has been very gracious in providing me with information on this issue over the last few weeks.  Today, his office sent links to the final form of the bill.  Take a look at these links, and let me know what you think.  If I’ve missed something here, fill me in.  However, this looks like a very good solution to the problem at hand.

  1. The Bill
  2. Amendment 1
  3. Amendment 2 to Amendment 1

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  1. I think people don’t mind obeying laws that have a purpose. So often we find laws that are the product of an ideology or bias and it ruins the mindset for those who desire to be responsible citizens.

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