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Season Started!

October 24th, 2007

I am happy to report that bow season has started here in WV.  Unfortunately, it has started under extremely warm conditions.  I was fortunate enough to be able to take off a few days to hunt on some family land in central WV for the first week of season.  There was plenty of sign available, attesting to the deer numbers, but we were not seeing many deer.  In fact, I only saw about a half dozen deer during the whole week from my stands!

I am not planning to get to hunt as much this year as in years past, since I am expecting the birth of my 3rd child in November, right in the middle of rifle season.  I will, however, trade in one rifle season for a happy, healthy baby boy.  Want to see a picture?  Here you go! I know that may not be exciting for the rest of you, but hey, it’s my blog and my kid, so it’s exciting for me!  I am sure that the pictures forthcoming will be more interesting to those that actually read this blog for its hunting content!

Back to bow season.  The season started out pretty quickly.  On the first day that I was in stand, a small spike horn buck came feeding through the woods.  The woods of central WV are filled with acorns this year–plenty of feed for the deer, but it sure makes them hard to pattern!  This small buck came to within about 25 yards of my stand, and then was startled by a dove exploding from the cover–a dove that neither the buck nor I saw.  It made him jump about out of his skin, and I am not sure but that it had the same effect on me.  I had debated on whether to shoot this deer or wait for a larger buck, but then decided that I need not question what the Lord was providing for me.  Since I did not have long to hunt this year, I decided I would put this tender meat into the freezer!  The shot was just slightly far back, but made a perfect perforation through the liver of the young buck.  He walked off, up the hill, circled around, and then fell dead only about 4o yards from my tree stand. 

As with all the deer that I bring home, my children were very excited.  They wanted to see the deer, but this year was different in that they wanted to know everything about it, especially my son.  He was full of questions pertaining to the hunt, as well as the anatomy of the deer.  In fact, he insisted that I take him back to the gut pile for the purpose of exploring it to identify all the parts therein.  He could even remember most of them by the time my parents joined us in camp that evening.  What can I say?  Hunting is a great field lesson when you are homeschooling your children.  Even my daughter, following the example of my son, jumped in to look the deer over carefully.  She even picked up its head so that she could look in its mouth and check out its teeth!

Overall, it was a good week, save for the unseasonably hot weather.  I am hoping to get out for a couple of more days in a week or so.  I think I have a good stand site picked out, so maybe if the weather breaks a bit, I will be able to spot a few more deer, and get another shot.  We love to have that venison in the freezer!  We have already had the tenderloins of this buck marinated and grilled–and they were delicious!

Let me leave you with one more picture of my children examining the deer! I may come back and add a few more of these later on.

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  1. Any event or outings are really great for home-schooled children. I usually bring my kids to nature trips because they love Science the most.

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