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Buckmaster’s Tip: A Clean Rifle is a Good Rifle

November 11th, 2007

Most deer hunters know how important it is to thoroughly clean their guns following rough weather, multiple shots, or just at the end of a long season. Copper fouling and powder residue will cause even the best guns to shoot poorly, and rust can ruin it for good.

What many hunters don’t know, however, is that it is critical to clean a brand new gun, especially if you hunt in cold weather. On many new guns, firing pins and other moving parts are coated with grease and oil at the factory. This excess lubrication can freeze in cold weather, possibly costing you the buck of a lifetime.

Take apart your new gun and remove the excess grease and oil with a gun cleaner/degreaser. When finished, lightly lubricate moving parts with a quality, temperature-resistant gun lubricant. If you’re not comfortable taking apart your gun, take it to your local gunsmith and have it cleaned.

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