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Buckmaster’s Tip: Have Twice the Fun and Success

November 13th, 2007

Hunting is always more enjoyable with a friend, but it can also be more productive. Let’s face it, unless there is some heavy rut activity, there are times during the hunting season when everyone struggles to even see a deer.

It’s always a good idea to occupy a stand during the first few hours of the morning and the last few of the evening; but if you have a willing partner, mix in a mini-drive after a morning sit or before an evening vigil.

Sneak into a thicket or patch of woods along a good trail, and have your partner head in from the opposite end. Remember that the idea is to actually sneak-hunt, not just push deer. Take a step, pause and look around carefully, and then take another step. Also keep your ears open for the sound of approaching deer.

This is a fantastic bowhunting tactic, but it can work for gun hunters as well. Either way, safety should always be a top priority. Identify your target and look beyond it as well.

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