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Getting Ready for Season…

November 16th, 2007

West Virginia’s rifle season opens on Monday.  I look forward to this day every year!  This year, there is a chance that I won’t be able to go hunting, due to the fact that my wife is expecting our third child.  All our plans this year are surrounding him, and when he decides to make an appearance!

But, for today, I am starting to make preparations for season.  I have a friend, who hasn’t hunted much, coming over today to make some venison jerky and watch a few hunting videos…I have to get him psyched up for going on Monday.  We will  be hunting a small piece of property that is owned by another friend.  We are planning to go out Sunday afternoon and set up a couple of stands.  I also have to show my friend how to use the rifle he is going to borrow, as he has been used to hunting with a shotgun.  Tomorrow will be filled with the final preparations of getting hunting clothes ready, and making up some food for Monday.

There is just nothing like the first day.  This year, I will miss hunting with my family, but adding a new little hunter to the family more than makes up with it.  We will have another little guy in camp from now on, and if he takes to hunting as much as Jacob has, then we will certainly have our hands full.

Jacob has decided to go to hunting camp, and stay with his Mamaw and Papaw.  Papaw has promised to take him hunting with him, and he can hardly wait.  He will be staying up there until the baby is born, then Mamaw and Papaw will bring him home to see baby brother.
That’s about all for now…wish us luck.  I hope you all have a great hunting season, wherever you may be!

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