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Treewalker Treestands: Great Customer Service!

September 8th, 2009

It seems like I have been writing posts recently about poor customer service, or poor products. I am happy to be able to write about great customer service for a change!

Many posts ago, I wrote about the treesstand I bought at the WV Hunting and Fishing Show back in 2006 (I think…).  It is a Treewalker Treestand, and it is the best stand I have ever hunted out of.  After hunting out of it for several years, I still love it!  In fact, I continue to recommend this stand to anyone I know who is looking for a stand.  I know that Treewalker must be getting more and more popular, as I get several hits per week searching for them.  If you do a Google search, you will find that my review of the Treewalker on Associated Content is listed right under the homepage for Treewalker, and my post about the stand is right below the article.  That means these pages are getting a lot of hits!

Last year, the netting of the seat of my stand started tearing.  I forgot about it until just a few days ago.  This year, West Virginia is having an early bow season, and I was afraid that I had let it go too long to get the seat replaced.  I looked on the website, and couldn’t find the replacement seat, so I emailed Treewalker.  I got a reply back the next business day, and was told that if I would send them my address, they’d get one out to me.  Well, I needed to get one for me, and one for my dad, so I emailed them back about it.  Today, a box arrived in the mail with two net seats, and a company t-shirt!  Talk about great service.  They took care of me, not even charging me for the postage to send the seats.  I don’t know that this is their typical policy for replacing seats (the invoice had them marked at $22 apiece) but I am certainly thankful for their generosity!  I knew when I bought this stand that the netting of the seat wouldn’t last forever…I didn’t expect it to.  So, it is a nice bonus to have them send them out to me for free!

I have to tell you, there isn’t another climbing stand I would hunt out of at this point.  The Treewalker is the most solid stand I have ever used.  I am afraid of heights, so the large platform is ideal for me.  I feel secure in the stand, and never have had any fear of it failing (and I have had stands fail on me before!).  The stand bites into the tree enough to make sure that it will not slip at all.  I have never had any problems with it creaking or making noises to spook deer.  It is, in my estimation, the perfect climber.  Add to the great quality the great customer service, and I can’t recommend Treewalker enough.

If you are in the market for a new stand, make sure to check out the Treewalker.  I don’t think you will be disappointed!  It is great to see a company that is dedicated to their product, and dedicated to making their customers happy.  It is good to be able to write positive things about an outdoor company.  Throw your business their way!

6 Responses to “Treewalker Treestands: Great Customer Service!”

  1. Next time I’m in the market for a stand, I’ll have to check them out. I’ve never owned a climber before, so purchasing one of them would be very cool. It’s good to hear that someone still knows what customer service is; it’s hard to find these days.

  2. Thanks for the info and helping me to make up my mind.I have been looking at their stands and the Timbertall climbers too both look like great climbers and and fit trees over 20 inches which is hard to find from most of the larger tree stand companies.The Treewalkers fit from 6″ to 26″ trees which is the biggest size range i have found.

  3. Chief Stillaughing Says:
    October 1st, 2009 at 6:02 am

    I LOVE my Treewalker … have owned a number including “big name” stands and none compare with this one …

  4. Very best stand that I have ever hunted out of. Jump up and down and it will still not make a sound. Sticks to a tree like a lockon. Climbing is easy.

  5. I also love my treewalker I have had others but the quality wasn’t the same !!!

  6. Walker Hurdle Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Had the priviledge to hunt in the Treewalker Stand this past winter for the first time. I have hunted all my life and used many climbing stands over the years and none has the overall package as the Treewalker does. Quiet, easy to climb, light and rock solid, you really feel safe in the Treewalker. I just orderer my first one this week.

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