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Starting the Season Off Right…Sort Of…

October 23rd, 2009

Bow season is now underway here in WV.  I have been itching to break in my new (to me) Bowtech Diamond Marquis.  This bow is a huge upgrade from the equipment I have been using.  After all of the problems last year with deer jumping the string, I decided it was time to move into the 21st century with my equipment.

I have gotten out three or four mornings so far.  On Wednesday, I blew a perfect opportunity at a beautiful buck.  He was a mere 12 yards away, I was at full draw, and everything was perfect.  I grunted at him to stop him, but instead he bolted.  Stopped out about 35 yards (but behind trees) and looked at me for at least 15 minutes.  I was really upset about my stupidity, as he probably would have stopped on his own in about 5 or 6 more yards.  This would have been my best buck with a bow, but now he just keeps making appearances in my nightmares!

This morning I finally got to break in the new bow.  I shot a nice doe at just about the same spot that I missed the opportunity at the buck on Wednesday.  I also got a good view of just how good the new Rage Broadheads are.  I got a clean pass through, and a huge hole.  The commercials claim this for the broadheads, but I have had terrible time with mechanical broadheads up to this point.  I shot this doe and made a very good shot on her.  She went up the hill and stood watching around her for about 10 minutes.  I guess she just didn’t have the blood pumping good enough.  She never even knew she was hit.  I ended up sending another arrow through here at 35 yards because I thought she was going to walk over the hill, and I was starting to doubt my first shot.  The second arrow also passed through, both blades opening up and leaving a second huge hole.  When I went up to the spot of the second hit, I could see that I just didn’t give her the opportunity to expire.  The blood trail, and the puddle where she stood was amazing.  I know that is a bit graphic, but I just have to give my recommendation for these great broadheads.  They are fairly expensive, but it seems that all archery equipment is increasing drastically.  One bad thing about the Rage broadheads is that they don’t stay “set” on the o-ring very well.  I sometimes have problems dislodging them from the “set” position when removing from the quiver.  You need to be careful and not bump them when you take them out.  Otherwise, they are great, flying like field points, and doing a devastating job when you hit an animal.  I didn’t get any pictures because the skies opened up and we had downpours for most of the day after I got the deer dragged out of the woods.

This was my second deer of the year.  I also took a doe in a new early season muzzleloader season.  I took Jacob with me for a 2 day hunt, and we were able to score on a pretty nice doe.  The picture above is the muzzleloader doe.  He was very excited to see the smoke belch out of the barrel when I shot.  I think I have decided that a mid-September hunt is too early for deer.  It was extremely hot, and we had to process deer within an hour or so of recovery just to keep them from spoiling.  It felt like a rush against the clock just to save the meat from going bad.  We also had to battle with the flies and yellow jackets to get the butchering done!

I am hoping to get away for a couple of days to catch a few more days of bow season, and get to our camp.  I’d like to tag a buck with the new bow this year.  I just don’t know whether I have already had my shot at a nice buck!  I hope everyone out there has a good season ahead!

5 Responses to “Starting the Season Off Right…Sort Of…”

  1. Hubby is using the Rage broadheads this year too – he hasn’t had an opportunity to shoot at a deer yet, but we’re hoping that it won’t be long@

  2. Congrats on both the deer. Sorry to hear about the buck. Been there done that. And the Rage broadheads are incredible; I love ’em. I do agree that they don’t stay in the o-rings very well, but I think that is a wall price to pay for the damage they do.

  3. That was suppose to be small price to pay. Stupid keyboard!

  4. Congrats on the does and good luck with the bucks!

  5. There’s always a second time around for that buck, I’m pretty sure.

    Always wanted to do bow hunting for a change, sounds exciting and challenging. Thanks for sharing your story.

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