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Buckmaster’s Tip: Give Some Thought To An All Day Vigil

December 19th, 2007

Many hunters have experienced frustration when hunting during the full moon. There’s no question that deer movement seems non-existent sometimes, and that’s almost always true during the full moon.

The problem isn’t really that the deer don’t go to their normal feeding areas; it’s just that they don’t seem to move in their traditional early morning, late-evening pattern.

Researchers and many hunters are starting to realize that the best time to be in the woods during these slow periods is the middle of the day when many of us are eating lunch or taking a nap. Further, it’s surprising how many of the really big bucks are taken during the 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. time frame.

The next time you’re facing a full moon or subdued deer movement, consider staying on stand through the middle part of the day. Or, if you’d prefer, sleep in until 9 or so and then head to the woods. You just might catch that big buck when he least expects you.

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