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Buckmaster’s Tip: Don’t Despair After the Rut!

January 12th, 2008

We all want to hunt bucks around the rut. It’s just plain… fun! The bucks are on the move; they respond to scents, calls and rattles; and you’re likely to see deer you never even knew existed on the property.

As exciting as the rut is, though, the late season has some big advantages over the rut, at least in terms of patterning bucks. About the same time deer are getting over their mating urges, they’re beginning to prepare for the colder temperatures and lean food times of winter.

They tend to group up again and frequent sheltered draws near winter food sources — places that offer a buffer against the wind but also easy access to food.

When the next deer seasons roll around and you start thinking about vacation days, save one or two for a late-season hunt. Also, consider taking advantage of your state’s late-season primitive hunts, if available.

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