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A Call to Action!

February 10th, 2008

It is time for us to band together. There is a threat out there that we must be willing to face. This will not be politically correct, but it must be done. We cannot let the danger continue. We must deal with it…for the kids. There is a weapon out there that has the potential of destroying our children. The really bad thing is that there is little, or no state or federal regulations dealing with this dangerous weapon. There are no registrations. There are no conceal carry permits. There is nothing to control the purchase, use, transfer, or disposal of this weapon. This is unconscionable!

Recently, this weapon was used in a classroom here in West Virginia, on a teacher. Thankfully, she was not killed by the weapon, but she was seriously injured, causing her to spend several days in the hospital.

In another story, this weapon was used by a prostitute on a man who would not pay her for her “services”.

In yet another recent story, this weapon was used by three men to kill another man.

I am sure the list could go on and on. If I were to expand the area of my search, I am sure the number of examples that I could list would be astronomical. This weapon is a danger to all that come near it. It, by its very nature, must be dangerous to the owner, and to any children in the owner’s home. Surely, we should legislate drawer locks, or that safes must be used to store such dangerous weapons in the home.

I am sure that the regular readers of this blog recognize the “tongue in cheek” nature of the first part of this blog. But, as I sat and watched the news tonight, this point became crystal clear. Why are there not people lined up, protesting the school that let a mad man in to attack a teacher? Why are there no “anti-knife” proponents out demanding that there be more legislation. If this man had used a gun, the story would be getting national exposure. There would be demands that we have tighten up gun laws, and try to register everyone who has a gun, as well as every gun they own. Not true? What happened immediately following the shooting at Virginia Tech? Columbine, CO? Paducha, KY?

The truth is, if someone tried to make the same kinds of laws for knives, as they try to make for guns they would be laughed off the news. They know that their calls to action are ludicrous, but they are so prejudiced against guns, and gun owners that they throw common sense to the wind, and call for legislation aimed at eventually banning all firearms.

I am not trying to make light of these news stories, so please don’t misunderstand my point. Yes, these are terrible crimes, and the perpetrators must be punished to the fullness of the law (if they are still living). But, why is a crime with a gun more egregious than a crime with a knife? Is a life taken with a gun more important than a life taken with a knife? The solution is not to inflict more regulations and restrictions on knives. It is to realize that there are laws that are already in place for guns, and if the laws are enforced, then criminals will be punished. How is making more gun laws going to cut down on gun crime? Think this through with me…the criminal is already breaking laws to use a gun in the commission of a crime. Already breaking the law…. Already breaking the law… Ok, thought I would repeat that a few times, just in case an irrational anti-gun person stumbles in here. It takes a bit longer for rational thought to sink in with them.

If it is just about the safety, then we had better start organizing so that we can get these dangerous knives off of the streets.  For the sake of the kids!

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. Very good post and a good question. A knife can be as dangerous as a gun in the wrong hands. Let’s face it, a lead pipe in the wrong hands can be as dangerous as a gun. For me it all comes back to this, it isn’t about the weapon, it is about the intent of the person holding it.

  3. As I have said for many years, if the anit-gun people were consistent with their arguments, why are there no “knife laws”? I rarely go around quoting Archie Bunker, but on an episode of “All In The Family” where his liberal son-in-law (played by Rob Reiner) listed the (questionable) statistics of how many people were killed by guns each year, Archie remarked: “Would you rather they were pushed out a window?” Now, please don’t ask “Who is Archie Bunker?”

  4. I totally agree with every word in this post. A great post too by the way.

    It is hard to use this rationale with the anti-gun crowd, because they literally have one agenda and that is getting rid of guns. They don’t care about the other weapons used in crime, or what the motive was for the particular person, they simply care about getting rid of guns and will do that in whatever way they see fit.

    Maybe one day they will understand that it isn’t the weapon used, but is directly related to the person behind that weapon. Maybe they will start investigating and realizing that this is what causes all of these tragedies-people! Maybe they will realize that enforcing laws that are already on the books will go along way towards stopping these individuals way more so then writing a new gun law.

    I could go on forever about this but I won’t. I think we think on the same level:)

  5. The scary thing is, I think the only reason they don’t go after knives is that they are too busy trying to take our guns away. In the very politically correct part of the country where I live, carrying a knife in the open already causes people to look at you with raised eyebrows. I recently spoke to someone who had been carrying a Buck knife on his belt for about 30 years but recently stopped because he was afraid it would alarm people he encounters at work.

  6. Good thoughts, lots to think about.

  7. I think that these people who are doing it could really care less what it is that they try and take from us. It has less to do with guns than it does with our personal freedoms and liberties. These progressives simply have a single goal in mind and that is total control so that they can create their one world government. Taking the guns is just a small part of that.

    Protect your liberties at all costs.

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