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The Lunar Eclipse…

February 21st, 2008

Lunar EclipseYesterday, I heard that there was to be a full lunar eclipse. That means that the moon would fall completely in the shadow of the earth. It is a very impressive sight when there is a full moon, and suddenly it starts to go black. We heard it was going to be later in the evening, so we almost missed it. When we got home from our church services last night, I looked up through a hole in the clouds and saw that the eclipse had already started. This was the first time that Jacob or Skylar have been able to see such a lunar event. Jacob was very interested in it…Skylar not so much so yet. But, at least they got to see one.

Lunar eclipses are not as rare as solar eclipses, but they still don’t happen every day. I have seen the date of December 10, 2010 on a couple of other blogs, as the next time there will be a full eclipse, but have not researched it enough to see if that is accurate…I suppose it is since it consistent across the blogs.

Anyway, I just thought it was cool to see such a wondrous site, and I hope it was clear enough in your neck of the woods to be able to see it!

I will be trying to get the pics of Jacob’s birthday loaded up so you all can see him with his bow…hopefully by tomorrow!  Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes!

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  1. My two year old son Noah and I went out to see it, but I wasn’t sure what time it would be. There were some really cool looking clouds and a full moon. But I think it was later than when we went out. We sat in the yard and waited a while but we had to get ready for bed. We enjoyed our time out looking at the moon though.

  2. We saw it here about 10 pm. It took quite a while for it to pass to a total eclipse. Jacob enjoyed seeing it. I’m glad you had a good time out with your son, even if you didn’t get to see the eclipse!

  3. We couldn’t really see it in my neck of the woods. There was some cloud cover that put a dampening on the events. I guess I need to mark the Dec. 10 2010 date down so that hopefully I can catch it that time.

    Looking forward to the birthday pics.

  4. I’m bummed because it was cloudy here and we couldn’t see it. Here’s hoping I can catch the next one.

  5. We watched it after services some and watched it get completely covered up then went inside. It was really neat 🙂

  6. Has he used his bow yet? Is there a range nearby?

  7. Patty Brewer Says:
    February 22nd, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    We saw it. It was really clear here, so we got a good view!

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