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Tuesday’s Tracking: Simply Outdoors

February 26th, 2008

Tuesday's TrackingToday, I’m tracking Arthur over at Simply Outdoors. Arthur’s blog is one of my favorites, as I think I can relate to most of what he writes. Simply Outdoors is about local hunting, and the outdoors. Arthur writes thought provoking pieces that really get to the heart of our way of life as outdoorsmen (and women). Every day I check Arthur’s feed to see what is new.

Recently, Arthur has written some posts that have really hit home with me. In one recent post, he challenged us all to think about who we believe has had an impact on our lifestyle as hunters and outdoorsmen. He followed that up with a post asking who our mentors were (as outdoorsmen). That made me think of how thankful I am to my dad for taking the time to include me and my brothers in his hunting time. I know that he made a lot of sacrifices early on to take us out hunting. He gave up some prime locations, and prime hunting time to allow a couple of young hunters to get some experience. He has always been thrilled with our success, and has worked hard to make sure that we get deer, even when the deer weren’t always plentiful. Now, he is there for my kids as well, willing to take them out hunting, even though he knows it means he probably isn’t going to see any deer. That doesn’t really matter at this point–they are having a blast just by going “hunting”. He can’t have all the fun though, because I too like taking the kids out hunting. Of course, starting next year we will have 2 kids to take, so I am sure we will probably have our hands full. So, thanks dad for getting me started, and thanks for being my hunting partner down through the years. Here’s to many more years!

Arthur also has a great post today about the importance of “social hunting”, and how that style of hunting will probably not lead to killing the biggest of the bucks. He talks about how he is willing to sacrifice the big bucks for the comaraderie of hunting with friends and family. I can’t agree with him more. Big bucks are certainly nice, but at the same time I am not willing to sacrifice the limited time I have to hunt with my family and friends for them. If they come by, I certainly won’t hesitate to pull the trigger, but I’m going to spend my week of hunting with my dad, brothers, and friends. If that costs me the “big one”, then so be it.

So, as you can see, I think Arthur and I have a lot in common. Keep up the good work Arthur, and I’ll be one who keeps on readin’!

EDIT: I meant to mention Arthur’s jump into publishing articles on Associated Content, but forgot. But, since he posted about his newest article, I though I would add a little edit, and tell you all (if you haven’t done it yet) that you need to go take a look at his article on Bringing Back the Positive Image of Hunting. Make sure and rate the article when you read it!

8 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tracking: Simply Outdoors”

  1. I enjoy Arthur’s blog as well!

  2. Wow. I’m floored honestly. Posts like this make all the difference. Even if it is only one person reading my blog it makes it all worth it.

    Thanks for the props Kris and I enjoy reading your blog as well. We appear to have a lot in common when it comes to our outdoor choices.

    Again, I’m humbled by the post. Thanks!

  3. Chief Stillaughing Says:
    February 27th, 2008 at 9:47 am

    Only one comment … there really isn’t any “sacrifice” when one considers all the rewards… any day with sons, grandchildren, and friends is a success … meat on a pole or antlers are merely icing on an already sweet cake 🙂

  4. Arthur has a great blog. His is one that I visit daily.

  5. I really enjoy Simply Outdoors. One thing Arthur is doing that I think a lot of people overlook is promoting the State of Michigan. I live in Michigan too, and I know the state has had a tough time lately. Arthur’s posts about scenic spots in Michigan are terrific, and I applaud him for working to be a booster for our state. I also owe him a couple guest posts on that subject as well.

    I’m glad you recognized him. Arthur writes a great blog and has, I think, made great strides as a writer.

  6. I must chime in here and put my “AYE” in the vote when it comes to patting Arthur on the back. Over the months I have been stopping in at SimplyOutdoors the metamorphisis has been awesome. A talented author and web designer…

  7. I truly appreciate all of the comments from everyone. You have no idea how appreciative of them I am. Thanks to everyone who commented and thanks again Kris for doing the post.

  8. Time spent outdorrs with your kids is well spent!

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