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PETA’s “Mommy Kills” Campaign

February 28th, 2008

Your Mommy Kills AnimalsIt’s been a while since I have posted a good PETA Watch article. But, as I was looking for something good to post about today, I came across this article, which addresses one of PETA’s campaigns–one that is being used in or around schools, targeting young children!

It seems that it is now acceptable for PETA to portray hunting, fishing or trapping parents as murderers to their children, when those same parents are not present to either defend themselves, or to show the irrationality of the incessant babbling of the PETA representatives. I don’t know about you all, but I find this both offensive, and irresponsible. I think the author of the article I linked expresses the viewpoint of outdoorsmen pretty clearly. We are happy to allow people to have differing opinions, but those opinions need to be expressed in a reasonable way.

I found another website that you might like to take a look at as well: Target of Opportunity. I haven’t read most of the site, so this is not a blanket recommendation of it. However, there is a rather nice write upon PETA, and this campaign. The picture at the top of the post came from this site (which is one of the comic book covers that PETA is handing out!). You can click on the image and read the comic book in PDF format. You will be sickened by what you see there! Look around the page that is linked and you will find a very humorous picture that has been created to reflect PETA’s own killing principles.

I wonder how long it will really be before people catch on that PETA and their practices are not good, even for their own agenda? Which of their practices has really done anything to help their militant agenda? Splashing fur coats with paint? Protesting naked? Handing out comic books portraying a person as a psycho murderer? None of these things will bring about the change that they desire, because most people are far too rational to fall for the insane propaganda that they are spouting. I do fear, however, that young people who come from “non-hunting” families can be turned to “anti-hunters” by this type of nonsense.

What is the solution to this? Perhaps we need someone who is artistically inclined to publish something similar that actually paints the outdoor sports as they really are, instead of as these nuts paint them! Again, I am reminded of how valuable our blogging platform is, to put out truthful, and realistic information about our outdoors way of life!

EDIT:  I just realized that I forgot to link the article at the beginning of the post.  It is now linked if you want to take a look at it!  Sorry about that!

5 Responses to “PETA’s “Mommy Kills” Campaign”

  1. PETA is definitely a extreme organization full of illogical thinking and interesting ways of trying to promote whatever the message is that they are going for. Organizations that support domestic terrorism and value animal life over human life really don’t do much for me. They are hypocritical to say the least. An organization that supposed promotes animal rights and yet kills thousands of animals each year. Interesting.

    I do think that our blogging platform is very important in order to counter the negativity that PETA and HSUS have spread to the misguided. Our blogging will go along way to help promote our passions in a positive light.

  2. You make a good point in your last paragraph. I am a big advocate of children’s books that portray hunting as the wholesome family activity that it is for most people. A comic book might be even better.

  3. I’ve seen this PETA stuff before. As I’ve said in the past, it always seems such a contridiction to me that animal rights groups can have such compassion for animals and absolutely none of humans.

    When my niece was younger she was a very sensitive little girl. Showing her a comic book like that would have truamatized her for life. How can PETA think that their agenda is worth causing mental and emotional harm to children. There’s such a disconnect there.

  4. I posted that very same picture about a year ago with a background story to go with it. I am so glad you bring it up again. We must report the truth about PETA & CO and what they really stand for. More and more people are turned away from PETA but still not enough.

  5. I agree with all of the others. PETA is just tasteless in their campaigning. I’m sure some of their supporters have turned their back on them. I know I would.

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