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Hunt of a Lifetime

March 3rd, 2008

There has been much written in the blogosphere recently about the image of hunters and other outdoorsmen. Many writers have been trying to address ways that we can help develop a better image. There are tons of great things going on out there, that we all should be proud of. I am starting yet another category, with this post, to look at the great things that are done by hunters that help the world around us see our true character. Most of the time, in the media, only the stories that portray hunters in a bad light are publicized. Not only do we need to do more for ourselves, but we need to hold up the hands of those that are doing such a great job of promoting our sport, and doing good things for the community, for the needy, and for the underprivileged.

My inaugural post in this category is featuring Hunt of a Lifetime.  This is an organization that provides hunting trips for children who are terminally ill.  I first read about this organization several years ago, and really liked the idea.  Make-A-Wish Foundation used to grant these type of wishes to terminally ill children, but they caved in to the pressures of anti-hunting organizations.  Can you even imagine a group protesting the granting of the wish of a dying child?  Can you imagine why an organization like Make-A-Wish would cave into such demands?  Fortunately, a lady from Pennsylvania decided to do something about it.  Tina Pattison, whose son had Hodgkin’s Disease, was turned down by Make-A-Wish, when her son wanted to do a moose hunt in Canada.  Instead of giving up on her son’s wish, she jumped into action, and started calling outfitters.  Eventually, she was able to work out the whole trip for her son, who was able to kill a large moose.  You can read more of the story by clicking here.

But, the story didn’t stop there.  Tina continued organizing hunts for other terminally ill children.  Now, the nonprofit organization provides hunting and fishing trips for those 18 years old or younger that have a terminal disease.  There are a lot of different hunting and fishing organizations that donate to this cause, including Cabela’s, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  Outfitters from all over the country have donated their services, as have some helicopter companies and taxidermists.  Every aspect of a hunt is donated by some hunting or fishing related business, and even licenses are covered through the Hunt of a Lifetime foundation.   They have also received a lot of press from outdoors related publications.  Some of the first money donated came from readers of an article written in a school paper in Georgia.

This looks like a great organization.  Everything I have read about this charity has been good.  As with anything, make sure that you check out any organization before you contribute, so that you have confidence in those that you help financially.  It is certainly worth your time to check out this organization.  Surf their site, and get a feel for what they are trying to do.  It certainly appears that they are Makin’ a Difference.  They have stepped up, and have filled a need that is very important.  I am glad that someone has had the ability to get this type of organization rolling, and they can give these kids something that they really want.  Even though this is a controversial issue as Make-A-Wish discovered, Hunt of Lifetime is sticking to their guns, and providing these trips for kids who need them!

Thinking about helping?  Click Here.

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  2. I agree that this is an excellent organization! Thank you for highlighting their work

  3. We have a program or a challenge, call it what you will, at the Outdoor Bloggers Summit called Write About the Good. The idea is that all the OBS members spotlight organizations or people who are doing good in the world of hunting and fishing.

    I’d say your post qualifies. I’ll add it to the list on the OBS blog.

  4. Sounds like a great organization and a great cause.

    Also just another reason that people should be really looking into these anti-hunting, animal rights organization. They value animal life over a child’s dying wish? Seriously folks. It doesn’t take much to see these organizations true colors.

    I’m glad to see this individual stepping up and starting this wonderful organization. Such a great cause.

  5. Kris, it is always nice to see outdoorsmen/outdoorswomen posting about the good. This is certainly a great organization. I am going to send them an email to find out what ways Mark and I can help. We can always donate money but I thought mabye they are looking for other ways.

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  7. Hello I am writting a speech about Hunt of a Lifetime for a college class and I noticed in your artical that they grant wishes for kids 18 years and younger but on the HOAL site it says that they do it for 21 and younger just thought i would let you know

  8. thanks Randy! I don’t know if I made a mistake with that, or if they have changed their policy. Either way, it is great to see them doing so much for those who are suffering with their health!

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